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Generation Y - Super Smart with live Q&Aregister-butt-30x80

For Generation Y, now is the time to visualise what type of retirement you seek, and level of funding required to support this outcome. This seminar takes younger members through the first key steps in developing a solid superannuation savings base from which to steadily grow their retirement nest egg. Covered in the presentation includes information on:

  • Budgeting
  • Managing debt
  • The benefits of investing in superannuation
  • Investment choice considerations
  • Superannuation contributions and incentives


1 June 2016

13:00(Melbourne time)

UniSuper101 - An introduction with live Q&Aregister-butt-30x80

UniSuper offers flexible products for new and existing members to choose from. This seminar seeks to introduce (primarily) new employees to the basic fund offering, including details of the defined benefit option versus accumulation alternative. Issues covered by this seminar include:

  • Membership categories 
  • Insurance options 
  • Contributions overview 
  • Investment options 
  • Benefits of UniSuper

22 June 2016

13:00(Melbourne time)


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2016 Federal Budget update

A number of proposed changes to super were announced as part of the Federal Budget.

The 2016 Budget proposes the widest-ranging changes to superannuation seen in several years—but with an election being held in coming months, changes may not be legislated and even if passed, most are unlikely to impact UniSuper members until 1 July 2017.

One change does take immediate effect, however, being a new ‘lifetime limit’ on the amount of after-tax (non-concessional) super contributions members can make.

In this webcast, we outline Budget proposals for super, tax and retirement income products.


Emotional planning for retirement

Consultant and coach, Dr Jon Glass talks about the emotional journey into and in retirement.

Jon offers solutions to problems faced by retired or nearly-retired people. He does not offer financial advice, assuming that each client has already put a financial plan in place; rather he aims to draw out and highlight the possibilities, benefits and self-worth of a long life in retirement.

Jon has a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge University and has also studied at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.