How is the situation in Ukraine impacting super?

Info for members
03 Mar 2022
2 min read

Since the start of this year, financial markets have been turbulent due to high inflation and the prospect of high interest rates. Russia invading Ukraine has added a further complication.

Our in-house investment team is watching our portfolios closely and appropriately managing risks. We believe we’re well placed for the long term.

For most members—particularly those who have many years until they start drawing on their super—it pays to ride out the storm. We know from history that geopolitical events tend not to have lasting impacts on markets. But we also know that the individual circumstances of our members will differ.

If you’re concerned about your super, please consider talking to one of our excellent financial advisers.

Last month, our Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce, shared his latest investment update, in which he explained the uncertainty in markets. While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made things more complicated, our views haven’t changed.

Read a summary of the investment update or watch a video of the investment update.

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