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24 Mar 2022
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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been appointed the exclusive institutional investment partner for Uniseed—Australia’s longest-established early-stage commercialisation fund manager.


Uniseed provides seed funding for research and technology developed by the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, New South Wales and the CSIRO. Together, these organisations provide around half of all patents created by research organisations in Australia.

Through Uniseed, we’ll be investing in industries of the future, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, quantum computing and green energy.

Some highlights in Uniseed’s portfolio include:

  • LM-Plus—a company that’s developed a liquid metal technology that converts greenhouse gases into useable by-products
  • Cardihab—a company with an app that enables cardiac patients to complete their rehabilitation program remotely improving health outcomes
  • Kinoxis—a biotechnology company developing medication to address addiction and other disorders.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to actively participate in research and technology that will shape the future. We look forward to seeing this investment blossom and grow over time.

These investments will feed into our sustainable investment options.^



^ We’re not recommending these investments for inclusion in personal portfolios. We chose them because they were suitable for our situation at the time. They may not be suitable for others.

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