Investment market volatility and ESG update

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31 Mar 2022
3 min read

Since January 2022, financial markets have been turbulent due to high inflation and the prospect of high interest rates. Russia invading Ukraine has added a further complication.

John Pearce, CIO

Investment market volatility

Our in-house investment team is watching our portfolios closely and appropriately managing risks. We believe we’re well placed for the long term. 

We know that market volatility can be alarming when it comes to your savings. For most of our members, it pays to ride out the storm and remember long-term goals, but individual circumstances will differ. If you’re concerned about your super, please consider talking to one of our financial advisers.

Our Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce, will be sharing his next investment update in April and will explain more about the current environment, so please watch out for it in your inbox or check our website.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) update 

Progress on climate commitments

We’re making real progress on our targets towards net zero by engaging with the companies we invest in. 

As a large Australian asset owner, we’re in a strong position to influence the companies we own. We see this as our most effective way of contributing to real emission reductions. 

In our annual climate risk report, Climate risk and our investments, which we released in August last year, we set out the decarbonisation commitments of our Portfolio Companies. We recently added an update to our website that shows how we’re tracking.

Read our latest Responsible investment report

Our latest Responsible investment report is now available. This report outlines our activities and actions for the period 1 July to 31 December 2021. It also lists all the resolutions we voted on at ASX-listed company meetings during this period and includes case studies of our engagements with companies which have led to positive ESG outcomes.

We believe ESG practices are an important driver of earnings sustainability, and that good companies with good corporate behaviour make better investments because they tend to manage other aspects of their business well. That’s why our ESG approach applies across all our portfolios and is embedded in our investment process.

Find out more about our sustainable investment options.

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