The Defined Benefit Division (DBD) is generally for those working for a university or in the research sector and receiving 14% or 17% super.

DBD members have the option to move to our Accumulation 2 product.


Defined Benefit Division
The Defined Benefit Division (DBD) aims to offer stable and reliable growth over your working life, as well as greater protection from market downturns.
Accumulation 2
Accumulation 2 is generally open to those who have been in the DBD for less than 2 years. It offers investment choice and flexible insurance cover.
Accumulation 1
Accumulation 1 offers simple super that you can keep throughout your working life, even when you change jobs.  

Accumulation 1 is generally for those working at a university or in the research sector and receiving 9.5% super.

Personal Account
A Personal Account offers a range of investment options, insurance, and low fees. Find out more about a Personal Account, who can join and how it works.

Family of current UniSuper members, former members and others can access some of the best value super in Australia with a Personal Account.

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