Set yourself up for a greater retirement

A Personal Account is an easy-to-manage, low-fees account that gives you the flexibility to grow your super with extra contributions. You can also take your personal account with you from job to job and enjoy all the benefits of being with UniSuper.

To join us, you need to be living in Australia and be age 15 or over.


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Investment choice

Choose from a range of investments, including high growth and sustainable and environmental branded options.
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Insurance to suit you

We offer flexible options to look after you and your family.
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Lifetime flexibility

When the time comes, you have a range of retirement and pension products to choose from.


Our fees cover the costs of managing your account and investments. Some are deducted directly from your account balance and some from your investment returns.

Different investment options have different costs, so make sure you read the Personal Account Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 1.6 MB) and the Fees and costs booklet (PDF, 271 KB) for the full details of what you pay and how.

Summary of fees you may pay based on the Balanced (MySuper) investment option.

Type of fee Amount
Administration fees and costs1 $96 or 2% of your account balance (whichever is less) per year (maximum $8 per month).
Investment fees and costs2,4 0.42%1 per year
Transaction costs2,4,5 0.09% per year
Buy-sell spread Not applicable.
Switching fee Not applicable.
Other fees and costs3 Where there is activity related fees and costs they are deducted as described in the Fees and costs booklet (PDF, 271 KB).

Things you need to know

1 If your account balance is less than $6,000 at the end of UniSuper's income year, certain fees and costs charged to you in relation to administration and investment are capped at 3% of the account balance. Any amount charged in excess of that cap will be refunded.

2 The investment fees and costs and transaction costs shown are indicative only and are based on the investment fees and costs and transaction costs for the year ended 30 June 2023, including several components which are estimates. The actual amount you’ll be charged in subsequent financial years will depend on the actual fees and costs incurred by the Trustee in managing the investment option. Investment fees and costs include an amount of 0.03% for performance fees. The calculation basis for this amount is set out under ‘Additional explanation of fees and costs’ in the Fees and costs booklet (PDF, 271 KB).

3 Refer to ‘Additional explanation of fees and costs’ in the Fees and costs booklet (PDF, 271 KB).

4 The investment fees and costs and transaction costs for other investment options are set out in the Fees and costs booklet (PDF, 271 KB). They are calculated on the same basis, and paid at the same frequency and in the same manner as the Balanced investment option.

5 For the financial year ended 30 June 2024, the transaction costs for this option are expected to increase by 0.07%.

Document download
Find out more about Personal Accounts in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 1.12 MB) and read if this product has been designed for someone like you in the Target Market Determination (PDF, 170 KB).

We can help you decide

UniSuper Advice is on hand to help you understand your options. You can make an appointment with an adviser over the phone, video call, or in person at one of our member centres in Australia. There’s no extra cost for this appointment.
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