Look forward to a meaningful future

At UniSuper, we hold the life savings of our members in our hands. The work you’ll do will make a meaningful difference and help build a future worth retiring for—for our members, the planet, and for you.

From our foundation in 1982, we’ve grown into an award-winning retirement leader with over 615,000 members* and approximately $124 billion* in funds under management.

* As at 30 June 2023.

What's at the heart of UniSuper?
Hear from our people to find out.
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    At UniSuper, we strive to build a place where great minds can come together to build something truly meaningful.

    We champion diversity across our teams because we know that as strong as we are as individuals, it's when we combine our abilities that we truly shine.

    Mrudula: “Working with UniSuper, I feel a sense of belonging and connection.”

    Theresa: “It feels like you're part of something that's bigger than just what you do every day.”

    Arvind: “Whether you have a member-facing role or not, it doesn't matter because whatever we do is for the larger good.”

    We understand that we're all built differently, which is why we welcome flexibility and encourage our people to put what matters to them first.

    Tim: “I've had kindergarten drop-offs, pick-ups at different times, and I've got this beautiful golden retriever called Luna and often get out and walk her. I'm not a coffee drinker, so instead of boiling the kettle, I often go for a ten minute walk around the block.”

    Mrudula: “I have two kids who are a bit older, but still, I think if I have [or if] there is commitments to go to school or something, it's very flexible. I don't think I have to say that OK, today I'm not working or that I have to go anywhere. I just manage my workload according to the time that suits my work schedule.”

    Greg: “To work at UniSuper feels, to me, energetic. If you know or even if you feel as though the people you work with are committed to your success as well as their own, that just puts a whole new dynamic on coming in to work each day.”

    With our roots in higher education and research, we value knowledge. That's why we've created a space where learning and development are actively encouraged.

    Von: “While working for UniSuper, I decided to undertake my legal qualification. What I've done is I used the $1,500 per year budget that we have for learning and development. It was a very quick process of getting that approved and UniSuper supported me through that.”

    Lia: “I've never had allocated budget for me specifically to go and upskill and develop. So to be offered that straight off the bat with my contract has pushed me to want to learn more and keep growing as a designer and also just as a professional.”

    At the heart of UniSuper is the desire to create meaningful change. Change for our members, and change for the planet. And we know that one of the ways we can achieve this is by empowering the great minds across our fund to be their authentic selves—and giving them the space to Create Great.

    Mrudula: “I can be myself at work. My people support me in my decisions and my day-to-day work.”

    Theresa: “I feel like I'm a part of something that's a much bigger outcome. And the end result for our members is a far better retirement than perhaps they were looking at.”

    Tim: “I feel really kind of motivated here in the role that I play. I really enjoy coming in and making a difference.”

    Greg: “We get to see the difference we make in members' lives.”

    Lia: “If I had to sum up working at UniSuper in one word, it would be 'empowered'.”

    Arvind: “It's great to be working for an organisation that has a deep sense of responsibility and purpose towards its members.”

    Von: “There's a lot of good stuff happening here and it's a lot of investment in making sure that our people are engaged and feeling valued, and supporting people's growth. So I think that, yeah, it's a great place to work. It's an amazing organisation to work for.”

We live our values

Our values inform everything we do, from short-term actions to long-term goals.
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We’re better together

We know that as strong and as skilled as we may be as individuals, it's when we come together to work as one that we truly shine.
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We share a passion for outcomes

Each day, we strive to deliver meaningful change and positive results that benefit those inside and outside of our organisation.
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We demonstrate genuine care

Care is at the heart of everything we do. Care for our members, care for our colleagues, and care for our shared future drives us to reach our true potential.
More than just a paycheque

Uncover the benefits of working with UniSuper.

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    Voiceover: Every day, in every team and in every office—right across Australia—our people work to improve the lives of our members and build a better future. We recognise the significance of this dedication, and we don't ever take it for granted. That's why, in addition to competitive salaries and performance incentives that reflect your efforts, we offer a range of additional benefits, including Community and Culture Leave.

    Mrudula: I took a day off for Diwali, and for voluntary leave I intend to take for the volunteering I do at my local hockey club.

    Voiceover: Extra leave at the end of the year when we close our offices.

    Theresa: The three days off between Christmas and New Year—what a benefit that is. We get such a good break over Christmas.

    Voiceover: Regular health and wellbeing vouchers.

    Arvind: You could go and get yourself a massage or go and get yourself something to take care of yourself.

    Theresa: I put it towards a pair of joggers so I could start walking to work.

    Voiceover: And a yearly budget for personal professional development.

    Theresa: I used my development budget to actually do a course through AIM—the Australian Institute of Management.

    Voiceover: Our people also enjoy 17% super and flexible salary arrangements.

    Tim: I've taken the 17% super, but you can have the flexibility to say well, actually… and put the rest towards your salary.

    Voiceover: All up, there are 11 ways to flex with UniSuper, including: our hybrid work style; our Career Flex program, which allows up to 12 months off to pursue personal endeavours; and parental leave entitlements.

    Greg: We're expecting our second child after ten years. UniSuper has always recognised the importance of an effective work life balance, and this just speaks to that.

    Voiceover: We know that our people thrive when they're trusted—and empowered—to choose their own path. So at UniSuper, we've created an environment where it's easy to add strings to your bow.

    Von: What really stands out about working for UniSuper is the ease of being able to access those benefits. People are able to access it with no difficulty. It's not a struggle to get approval to use your leave or to get budget for learning and development.

    Voiceover: We aim to create a place where people feel comfortable to be themselves—safe in the knowledge that we celebrate diversity in the workplace.

    Lia: Be who you want to be, speak the way you want to speak, look the way you want to look, dress the way you want to dress. UniSuper really pushes for that and makes you feel confident enough to be you and show your quirks, show your smile.

    Mrudula: I have seen that my people leaders and colleagues accept me as I am, and that makes me get my whole self to work.

    Voiceover: When you're a part of UniSuper, you're a part of something bigger—delivering work that truly makes a difference.

    Greg: My experience of working here at UniSuper is UniSuper are committed to your success, and they really want to join you as you take those steps towards your goals.

    Voiceover: From health and wellbeing vouchers, to professional development—and 11 ways to flex your working life—the benefits of joining the UniSuper team are clear.

    Von: If you're looking for an organisation that supports your growth, there's a lot to look forward to in this place. I would say apply!

    Voiceover: Discover more at unisuper.com.au/benefits
Everybody is welcome
You’ll be included in a diverse team of passionate people and great thinkers. Our doors are open, our conversations are honest, and our improvements are continuous. At UniSuper, you can bring your whole self to work from day one.
Add strings to your bow
Here you’ll be empowered to grow. You’ll be in charge of your own development. Let your curiosity drive you to improve yourself, your work, and the organisation around you.
Thrive with us
We want you to thrive both in and out of the workplace. That’s why we’re serious about the support we offer our people for their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.
Competitive rewards

You’ll play an invaluable role in helping us deliver great retirement outcomes for our members. So we work hard to create an environment that rewards you for your contributions and for living our values.

We offer competitive salaries with flexible packaging, additional leave, and a generous reward and recognition program.

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