• We work with you to build the right blend of flexibility into your working week, recognising for some it’s about the hours, days or where you are that makes the biggest difference.
  • You’ll get 3 extra annual leave days over Christmas and New Year, and the option to purchase more time off.
  • When you welcome a new addition, you’ll have 14 weeks paid parental leave for the primary carer and 2 weeks paid leave for the secondary carer.
  • Enjoy perks like discounted movie tickets and public transport packaging.

Your health and wellbeing

  • Sweat it out with discounted gym membership.
  • We’ll cover your registration fee for events like the Mother’s Day Classic, Stadium Stomp and Steptember.
  • Protect yourself with annual flu injections.
  • Receive wellbeing vouchers to spend on whatever makes you feel good.
  • A confidential employee assistance program is available to you and your family.

Our community

  • We support workplace giving through our uGive program and give you 3 days of volunteer leave a year.
  • We’re part of the Australian Red Cross’s Red25 program and give you time off to donate blood.
  • We partner with CareerSeekers to give refugees and asylum-seekers work experience and help launch their career in Australia.
  • We’re developing and implementing initiatives from our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Your finances

  • 17% super contributions for permanent roles helps you look forward to an exceptional retirement.
  • Receive discounted rates for our financial advice services.
  • We work hard to ensure our people get equal pay. We do our own pay equity analysis and participate in gender pay gap research and action groups.
  • We offer performance incentives to all permanent employees.

Your career

  • Our in-house capability team run courses to build your skills and promote your personal growth.
  • We have strong focus on building leaders and support this with a suite of programs.
  • Lunchtime sessions full of tips for your life and career – from how to sleep better to creating a winning LinkedIn profile.
  • A mentoring program to help you learn from your colleagues’ insights and experience, or share your own knowledge and perspective with others.
Meet our female leaders
Some of our leaders and rising stars talk about what led them on their career path. Hear about what they do in their day-to-day roles and how they see the future of technology and investments.
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    Supporting the next generation of female leaders

    Anna Leibel: As the Chief Information Officer at UniSuper, I oversee all of technology. I seriously have the best job. I love what I do. I get lots of variety, and I get to work with lots of different people.

    Sybil Dixon: I chose to go into investments through a somewhat roundabout loop. I didn't really know what I wanted to do out of high school. I did an undergraduate degree in hotel management, then I did a finance class through that degree and I really enjoyed it.

    Sandra Lee: My day-to-day role typically involves meeting different people, getting new ideas of where we could make investments. If I get to combine my skills in finance and investments with research, conducting financial analysis, and negotiating and communicating with various stakeholders to ensure we get the outcomes we need.

    Alex Connolly: To encourage girls to work in technology, I would say that technology isn't a small part of the business anymore. Technology really is every interaction we have across the whole of organisations, and also the way that we interact with our customers. So it really is exciting to think about all the possibilities.

    Anna Leibel: There seems to be a perception that working in technology means that you sit at a desk all day. For me, it's encouraging girls to think about the ways that they interact with Instagram and also shop online with companies like Mecca, all of those are actually surrounded or supported by technology.

    Sandra Lee: I would encourage girls considering a career in investments and funds management to have a broad and open mind. We need diversity of ideas and different forms of contribution that can only come with more women joining this sector.

    Sybil Dixon: I've been at UniSuper now for 10 years. I work in a field in investments called ESG, which is where we look at the environmental, social, and governance aspects of companies that we invest in. I get to read about things like climate change, human rights, ethical sourcing, the environment, governance, how people manage their businesses. It's a field where, if you like learning, you'll be learning every day.

    Anna Leibel: I actually didn't choose this career path, I think it chose me. So I was actually coding at 8 years old and I started my own technology education business at 18. And so for me, I love what I do and it was always meant to be.

    Alex Connolly: If I had to give myself advice, it would be saying yes to every opportunity and really then reflecting on it and thinking what did I learn from that? What did I love about it? What didn't I like about it? And I think through just saying yes and having that reflection, you end up following a path that makes sense for you.

    Sandra Lee: What I see happening in the future of this industry is that innovation and change will continue to force our sector to evolve, creating new risks and challenges in many of our investments, and how we work.

    Anna Leibel: What excites me about the future of technology is that we actually don't know what it looks like. What we can actually see today, might be having in five years' time, definitely won't look like that within 10 years' time. And so for me, technology just keeps continuing to evolve at such a rapid rate, and that's actually what keeps me motivated, and that's what makes me love what I do.

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