Our values at work

Our own values of genuine care, working better together, with a passion for outcomes, guide and inspire our people to create a better society, both at UniSuper and in the wider world.

Diversity and inclusion

At UniSuper, we're nurturing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. We're building a fair, diverse, resilient and engaging culture of genuine care.
Guiding principles

UniSuper commits to building a culture that values and embraces diversity and inclusion.

This applies across all levels of our operations, dealing with our members, suppliers, and the external community.

UniSuper at Midsumma

UniSuper was a proud participant in Midsumma 2024.

Read about what being involved in the famous carnival means for our proud LGBTQIA+ employees and allies.

Digital inclusion

We help members achieve their goals with technology.

We're making it easier to interact with us, testing digital updates with real users and listening to feedback for a more inclusive digital experience.


Equity is about closing gaps to ensure that our members and our people have the resources, support and opportunities to achieve their best retirement and career outcomes.

We want women and all gender groups to be well represented at UniSuper.

That’s why we target a gender balance ratio of 40:40:20 (men, women and non-binary identifying) in leadership roles by 2025.

Women and super

Australian women retire with less super than men on average.

We advocate for policy change and provide practical support to help women close the super gap without paying more.

First Nations Peoples

We acknowledge that First Nations Peoples face unique challenges with super.

We aim to provide great retirement outcomes for all, including our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members.

Better futures

We contribute to better futures by partnering with great thinkers and championing important issues impacting people, such as the social effects of transitioning to a decarbonised economy and modern slavery.
Our sponsorships

We support bright ideas and better futures through partnerships, grants and event sponsorships.

We collaborate with Australia's great thinkers, creators and investigators, to benefit our community.

Just transition

A fair energy transition demands a just and orderly shift to a decarbonised economy, ensuring equitable burden-sharing.

This is important for nations with developing economies and some segments of society.

Modern slavery

Modern slavery is a significant and complex global issue impacting some of the most vulnerable people in society.

It’s an important issue we consider in both our investments and in our own internal operations.

Women in leadership

We are working towards our goal of 40% of leadership roles being filled by women.

Hear from Penny Heard, UniSuper’s Head of Australian Equities, on what it takes to forge a successful career in investments.

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    So how would I describe my career journey to date? I guess I would rewind all the way back to when I was a country kid landing at Melbourne Uni, embarking on a commerce and science degree, and reflecting that I didn't really know what sort of job that degree would get me.

    So, through a bit of trial and error, I sought out opportunities to try and workshop what sort of job it could get me.

    I did an internship at Macquarie Bank. I did a short-lived internship at Arthur Andersen in accounting, and I took a foray into soft commodity trading at the Australian Wheat Board.

    All of which led me to the US investment bank Merrill Lynch, focusing on the consumer sector. Now this was a fabulous opportunity.

    It taught me about the business of investing. I was very lucky to have some great mentors during this period. A senior analyst of some 30 plus years that took me under his wing and really showed me the tools of the trade.

    Today I'm Head of Australian Equities here at UniSuper. And me and the team, we are charged with investing UniSuper's members' money into the Australian listed market. The team manages around $40 billion in assets.

    And what really attracted me to UniSuper was the team that John [Pearce] had put together.

    And over the last five years I've been really proud and impressed by the talent that we've been able to not only attract but retain.

    So, if I was to leave you with just one thing, it is it's never too early to start investing in markets and yourself.

    Very frequently when I'm talking to candidates looking for opportunities to join UniSuper, I'll talk to them about their own investments.

    If you have $50 and you go out and you buy one share, you'll soon know how it really feels to see that share go up and quite frequently aso go down. That tangible experience of seeing investments go up and go down will put you in fantastic stead to enjoy a really long-term investments career.

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