We take governance, disclosure and transparency of the superannuation system seriously.

UniSuper is required by law to disclose on its website information and documents relating to UniSuper Management Pty Ltd and UniSuper Limited (As the Trustee), along with the remuneration details of its Directors and Executive Leadership Team. This page contains links to these documents and will be updated regularly.

If you have any questions or require further information about the documents below please contact us.

Disclosures (12)

  • Group Conflicts Management Policy

    UniSuper’s policy for conflict management

  • Outsourced providers for UniSuper Management

    A list of outsourced providers UniSuper Management has used

  • Register of Relevant Interests and Relevant Duties

    Register of Relevant Interests and Relevant Duties

  • Remuneration of directors and executive officers

    Remuneration of UniSuper directors and executive officers for 2016/17

  • Report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2017-18

    This document sets out UniSuper's workplace profile as reported to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency for 2018.

  • Statement of governance practice

    The statement of governance practice for UniSuper

  • Summary of the actuarial investigation of UniSuper at 1 July 2017

    The most recent actuarial report completed for UniSuper.

  • Summary of UniSuper significant event notices sent

    A brief description of the most recent significant event notices (SEN) we’ve sent to members

  • Report on AIST Governance Code

    The report on AIST governance code as at 1 July 2018

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy

    This policy sets out guiding principles and expectations for all employees, which ultimately underpins UniSuper’s ability to successfully deliver on the business strategy and its commitment to members.

  • Tax transparency report

    The UniSuper Board is committed to maintaining an open and transparent approach in respect to tax. This report meets the set of principles and minimum standards for large businesses on public disclosure of tax information recommended under the Voluntary Tax Transparency Code in respect to the year ended 30 June 2017.

  • UniSuper Limited (USL) annual financial statement for 2017-18

    A summary of UniSuper Limited’s annual financial statement for 2017/18.