Fund highlights

Our fund highlights for 2019-20 (figures as at 30 June 2020).


$83 billion in funds under management


495,619 member accounts


16,666 early access to super payments


80,311 new accounts since 1 July 2019


4 million account logins


$2.38 billion rollovers in

Our awards 

Super is what we do, so it’s great that we’re recognised as being among the best in the country.

We’ve won a string of awards and high ratings from Australia’s top ratings and research agencies.



Fund of the Year 2019

MySuper of the Year 2020

MySuper of the Year 2019

Pension of the Year 2017



Chant West

Super Fund of the Year 2019

Best Fund: Advice Services 2020

Best Fund: Investments 2019

Best Fund: Advice Services 2019

Chant West Advice Services Best Fund 2020 winner

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