28 March 2024

We already have a multi award-winning fund with comparatively low insurance premiums. Our claims record is strong too—we’ve paid out $183 million to 2,661 members in the past three years to 20 June 2023. Over 98% of claims are accepted.

We’re always looking for ways to deliver greater value for our members, and given many Australians rely on their super fund for life insurance, we know we can always be doing more.

We’re pleased to let you know UniSuper will implement a range of insurance enhancements on 1 June 2024—we’re confident members will benefit. A key enhancement is a modernised cover design, providing members with a better level of basic age-based cover when they’re likely to need it most.

We will also introduce differentiated male and female premiums based on members’ sex at birth. Industry insights tell us that males are more likely to make Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) claims, while females are more likely to make Income Protection claims.

Each member will receive a tailored notice detailing how they’re affected and actions they can take to modify their cover. Members will be encouraged to use our insurance calculator to check whether their level of cover is still right for them following the change—it can be accessed at unisuper.com.au/insurance-calculator.

In tandem with our new insurance offer, we’ll be transitioning to MetLife Insurance Limited as our new life insurer on 1 June 2024. Prospective insurance partners were invited to demonstrate how they could add value for our members during a robust tender process, and MetLife showed their willingness to innovate.

The change to MetLife will introduce the 360Health virtual care program. It will be available to all UniSuper members and their families at no additional cost, even if they don’t have insurance cover. More members can feel great while they think great.

360Health virtual care is an online platform that will enable members to access health and medical specialists in their field—all available from their smartphone, computer or device. The services include an education hub as well as:

  • Mental Health Assist – access to Australia-based experts, who can conduct a confidential mental health review
  • Nutrition consultation – access to qualified dietitians, who can guide members to make better food choices
  • Fitness and recovery – access to exercise physiologists, who can help improve fitness or injury recovery
  • Expert medical opinion – access to global experts and specialists, who can provide their clinical opinion and treatment recommendations
  • Ask a clinician – access to general practitioners, paediatricians and mental health clinicians, who can answer medical questions within 24 hours.

When members do face physical and health challenges, it’s important they’re given the support to enable their return to work as soon as possible—it’s a key part of returning to life as normal. MetLife is considered an industry leader in claims rehabilitation. Its team of allied health professionals have an 85% success rate in returning members to work during the waiting period.

Refer to your Insurance update for employers document—it’s an overview of the changes we’re making, created for our employer partners.


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