UniSuper proudly supports research and international development

30 May 2017

UniSuper is excited to announce its first-time support of the Research for Development Impact (RDI) Conference, hosted at the University of Sydney from Tuesday 13 June to Wednesday 14 June.

The conference, Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development: collaboration, coordination and solidarity, will bring together academics, practitioners, students, the private sector and policy-makers to explore and develop opportunities for cross-sector engagement and dialogue. The outcome for the conference will be a set of workable approaches that have the potential for impact on sustainable development.

At UniSuper, we are proud of our ongoing support and contribution to the higher education and research sector. We are dedicated to sponsoring events that involve, impact and interest our members, university partners and broader academic community.

Visit the UniSuper team at the booth in the Conference Exhibition. The Research for Development Impact (RDI) Network is a network of practitioners, researchers and evaluators working in international development.