Best super fund

August 2019

Our position as one of the best performing super funds in the country has been cemented. This recognition confirms we're delivering on our purpose of greater retirement outcomes for our members.

At the Chant West Super Fund Awards 2019, we were up against some of the biggest and most reputable names in the industry including AustralianSuper, HESTA, Sunsuper, Hostplus, QSuper and Rest (just to name a few), so we're pretty chuffed to have received the following awards:

  • Super Fund of the Year 2019
  • The Best Fund: Investments 2019
  • The Best Fund: Advice Services 2019

These awards not only recognise excellence among super and pension funds, but showcase industry best practice, to help all funds improve member outcomes.

Chant West awards carry considerable weight in the super industry—based on more than 20 years of researching funds and a rigorous tested methodology, which enables funds and individuals to compare super and pension products on an ‘apples with apples’ basis.

What it means to be super fund of the year

Super fund of the year is ‘all about the members’. The top super fund must demonstrate their focus on investments, member services, advice services, insurance and fees— everything that impacts members. In a super fund there are lots of moving parts, but the best funds are those that align all these components to achieve the best outcomes for their members.

Providing you with one of the very best in investment performance, fees and services

We’ve been a very strong performer over all periods and are the only super fund to be in the top five MySuper Growth options (our Balanced option, which the majority of members are invested in) over every period from one to 15 years to March 2019.In fact, we’re also the best performer for both one year and the last 10 years!

The focus of our member services is our network of consultants and financial advisers who provide easy access to advice and support on campus when you need it. Around 50% of members who move to a pension receive comprehensive financial advice when approaching retirement. 

Our investments get an extra big tick too 

Quality investments are perhaps the most important part of superannuation. Chant West assesses funds on their investment processes and resources as well as their ability to deliver strong returns. They look at investment governance, including the experience of the Investment Committee, the internal investment team and those responsible for making decisions.

Ultimately, the aim is to deliver the best possible results for members after fees and tax.

According to Chant West, of the top long-term performing funds, UniSuper stands out for its low allocation to unlisted assets (only about 7%).

Leveraging off our experience in direct investing, our strategy is to gain the bulk of our exposure to real assets through large investments in high quality listed companies at attractive prices.

Good investment returns are the cornerstone of providing greater retirement outcomes for our 400,000 members

Our Chief Investment Officer John Pearce and his team of about 50 manage assets of approx. $80 billion. His expertise and that of his team, gives us confidence to manage assets internally, with in-house management now representing over 65% of total assets.

John Pearce says his team does not invest in ‘frontier’ markets like Africa, for example, or in some emerging markets, like Eastern Europe, as they’re too risky. “And we avoid highly leveraged, complex structures; we don't invest in hedge funds, for example.”

But risk management looms large for Pearce and his team as they’re responsible for members’ life savings and “would not invest the money anywhere that we would not have our parents’ money”.

“Sustainability of returns is everything,” Pearce says. The aim is not to be first over shorter periods but to have returns that are sustainable, which is the best way to maximise returns for members over the long term.

Be confident you're in the right place

Helping you enjoy exceptional outcomes in retirement underpins everything we do. We hope being recognised for our commitment to providing great value, strong long-term performance and genuine care, gives you confidence and comfort that your super is in good hands.

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This article discusses UniSuper’s investment performance and investment decisions, which may not be appropriate for you personally. We’re not suggesting you should make the same decisions. Consider your situation and read the relevant product disclosure statement before making personal decisions about your investments or UniSuper membership. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.