Coming soon—your new MemberOnline

May 2016

As times and your needs change, so do the services we provide to you. This is why we’ve been hard at work redeveloping MemberOnline, the secure section of our website where you can manage your account.

It’s been redesigned and redeveloped with new features and tools to help you to manage your account easily and securely, anytime and on any device. After launching a test version of the site to some of our super members late last year, we’ve been testing the site and incorporating member feedback as well as taking into account online best practice.


What can I do in MemberOnline?

Although MemberOnline will soon look different, you'll still be able to view and update your pension payment amounts, payment frequency, and banking details. You’ll be able to choose how your balance is invested, and how your pension is paid .

Once fully launched, you’ll able to do all of the things you currently do in the existing MemberOnline—we’ve just made some of those processes easier for you and will be adding new ones so you won’t need to use as many paper forms for transactions.

When will it launch?

We'll soon start inviting small groups of Flexi Pension members to visit and use the site and let us know what they think. We believe the best way to find out if something is working is through member testing and feedback.

We’ll then be launching more features in the coming months and will progressively invite more members to test the site.

We’re aiming to launch the new MemberOnline to all UniSuper members later this year and we’ll keep you informed along the way. During this time we’ll continue to test and improve the site. We’re incredibly excited about the new MemberOnline and hope you will be too.