Fancy seeing how your super savings stack up against everyone else's?

May 2016


Comparing your super balance with those in a similar situation can sometimes provide an insightful look into how your account is progressing.

Following feedback from our members, we'll soon be launching Compare me—an online tool that will let you to see how your super balance compares to other UniSuper members like you. 

Accessible through our website, the Compare me tool will give you simple and quick results. All you need is a few basic details about yourself including:

  • your age
  • gender
  • your current estimated super balance, and 
  • the UniSuper product you have (i.e.Accumulation1 or 2, Defined Benefit Division etc.)

Compare me aims to provide you with a handy gauge of how your super is tracking as well as some extra information to help you understand your options.

It'll be accessible on mobile and tablet devices, so you can compare your super balance anywhere, any time.

Compare me is another initiative we’re pleased to provide to help you get the most out of your UniSuper membership—keep an eye out on our 'Calculators and tools' webpage for it over the next few weeks. 

Does your super need a top up?

Boosting your super can be a great way to save on tax and could help you with a more comfortable retirement. You may be interested in other ways you can top up your super balance  including salary sacrificing and after-tax contributions.