New free financial literacy tools to help you make the most of your money

November 2016


We've launched two new free tools to help you build the skills, knowledge and confidence in managing your finances.

The MoneySavvy and T. Rowe Price's Money Confident Kids® programs cover money management and super basics and complement our suite of existing resources to help you and your family get more out of your finances.

MoneySavvy is a series of interactive activities designed to improve your money management skills and covers.


Everyday budgeting

Learn how to save money and create financial goals to build your savings.

Investment basics

Learn the basics of investing and what it takes to make a good investor.

Investing for your future

Find out how to make an investment plan and keep it on track.

Retirement planning

Learn about the small steps you can take today to plan for a great retirement.

Protecting your money

Understand how much insurance cover you need, how to pass your money on to the people you love and ways to protect yourself from fraud.

Did you know?

Research studies have found that getting on top of your finances can not only improve your financial freedom, but also your overall health outcomes and life satisfaction.1 

It also explores the role of emotion, attitudes and relationships in influencing financial behaviour.

T. Rowe Price's Money Confident Kids® is designed to give kids a good leg-up about money through activities and games while their parents can find handy tips on how to instill good money behaviours from an early age. You can download activities and games on concepts including goal setting, spending vs. saving, inflation, asset allocation, and diversification.

Want to know more?

MoneySavvy and Money Confident Kids® are available exclusively for UniSuper members through MemberOnline.

Ever wondered how your super savings stack up to everyone else's?

Our Compare me tool lets you see how your super balance compares to other UniSuper members like you. Check it out now

1. Money well-being and the role of financial advice, Association of Financial Advisers, May 2016.