We partner with great thinkers

We support great ideas through events, sponsorships and awards. We recognise achievements, showcase knowledge and celebrate innovation.

We've always been more than 'just another super fund'.

We're here for the thinkers, creators and investigators. We champion smart ideas that help lead to better outcomes for our whole community.

Our sponsorships

Partnerships, grants and event sponsorships are just some of the ways we support bright ideas and better futures.

  • AFR Higher Education Awards
  • AHEIA HR Benchmarking and HR/IR Conferences
  • CEDA Education Series
  • Universities Australia Higher Education Conference

We're a super fund for future-minded Australians, and we're proud to partner with Australia's big thinkers, working for a better tomorrow.

Looking for sponsorship support?

If you have great ideas about an event, sponsorship opportunity or organisation we can support, please complete our Sponsorship application form (PDF, 556 KB).

Email application forms to Sponsorship@unisuper.com.au.

We review applications against our sponsorship policy and all opportunities must demonstrate best financial interest to our members.

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