Why did the US stand out in a mixed month for share markets?

Amid a mixed month for share markets, the US stood out as the best performer in May, so what’s behind this? Join our experts for the latest news on financial markets and the economy.

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May was a very solid month for US shares, while other share markets were generally flat. The US share market was up 4.5% in May, while Australia’s share market was up just 0.5% for the month despite a solid start*. What’s behind this and how are things looking as we head towards the end of the financial year? In this episode, lead economist and investment manager David Colosimo talks about:

  • why the US share market shone
  • themes coming out of Australia and China
  • key things we’re watching out for in June.

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Meet our podcast hosts

David Colosimo

David is a highly experienced economist and investment manager in our investment team. He focuses on Australian and global macroeconomic trends and works across a range of portfolios. He joined our investment team in 2013, and he’s been a UniSuper member since 1999 when he joined while working at the University of Melbourne.

Lyndon Horsburgh

Lyndon is an award-winning podcast producer and host. He’s the creative content lead in our marketing team and has been a UniSuper member since 2014.

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