Women face unique challenges when it comes to their super
To this day, men are retiring with more money than women. According to ASFA, more than 80% of women retire without enough super to fund a comfortable lifestyle. There are a number of factors that affect women's security in retirement.

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Work and motherhood

Unisuper non-executive director Nicolette discusses how she blends work and motherhood without feeling guilty, and her outlook on the future of women in STEMM careers.

Bold for change

Do you know how to be bold in the workplace? Hear from a range of women about what it takes to be bold for change.

Challenges in the modern workplace

Take a listen to a couple of UniSuper’s executives about the challenges of being a woman in the modern workplace.
Super for women - what you need to know
This short video goes through a few things you can do to make your super work for you.
Get your super together
More than one super account means more fees and less super savings for you. That's why it makes sense to keep your super together.
Come to our free super for women seminar
Get a better understanding of financial matters and learn how to manage and grow your retirement savings.
Career breaks and super
Look at the potential impact on super of taking a career break.
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