Great things happen when we’re united

In 2022 Australian women can still expect to retire with 40% less super than their male counterparts. While the gap is smaller for UniSuper members at 17%, the problem remains.

We know the gap won’t close without significant policy change. That’s why we continue to fight for amendments to actively help break the bias, and offer practical support to help women close the super gap without paying more.

This International Women’s Day, let’s join together, with our communities and connections, to advocate for change.

While International Women’s Day focuses on women in all their diversity, we also acknowledge that trans and gender diverse people retire with substantially less super than men.

Together we can make a change

Step 1

Join our webcast

Tune into our free Female Focus on Finance webcast.
Step 2

Check your balance

Log into your UniSuper account to check your balance, insurance and investment options.
Step 3

Talk to a Super Consultant

Make an appointment with a Super Consultant to get your goals on track. Our consultants are available for general advice at no cost – it’s part of your membership.
Get your super together
More than one super account means more fees and less super savings for you. That's why it makes sense to keep your super together.
Parental leave and super

Find out how your super is affected when you take maternity or paternity leave and learn how you can reduce the impact on your balance. 

Career breaks and super
If you're taking time away from work for family or personal reasons, it's good to know your super is still working hard for you.
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