Women face unique challenges when it comes to their super

More than 80% of women retire without enough super to fund a comfortable lifestyle, according to ASFA.

While UniSuper members fare much better than the national average, there are still several factors that affect women's security in retirement. It’s a complex issue, impacted by the number of women in part-time work, and women taking an average of five years out of the workforce to care for children and family members.

While International Women’s Day focuses on women in all their diversity, we also acknowledge that trans and gender diverse people retire with substantially less super than men.

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Super for women - what you need to know
This short video goes through a few things you can do to make your super work for you.
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    Women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement savings

    We know that, in Australia, women have major challenges in regards to helping to grow their superannuation funds as much as they'd like to.

    Sometimes it's just about improving their knowledge because they don't know much about how their super fund works at all. Other times it's, "Have I got enough for my retirement?" because they're approaching retirement.

    Sometimes they've seen people who have retired, who don't have much to retire on, and the Centrelink pension isn't a lot of money.

    And other times they just want to have a chat about consolidating some funds they've lost track of their super funds because many women I met with have had various part-time roles and they just have lost track of their super schemes so just some assistance. 

    So, where we're coming is to try and help them wherever we can and importantly to empower them and mention to them that, no matter what their age is or their situations, that it's never too late to make a difference.

    It's really about reviewing your superannuation and being able to do what you can within the means that you have at various stages of your life because, by taking care of your superannuation, your superannuation will take care of you when you go to retire.

    Have a chat with somebody in regards to the different ways and learn about the different ways that you can help your superannuation fund to grow because, as women, often we take time out of the workforce if we decide to have children, our superannuation money isn't growing during that time and we've got to work a little bit smarter and harder so that, if we are making additional contributions, our money is continuing to grow while we do have these gaps in our working lives.

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