About this protocol

As part of the ASIC reference checking and information sharing protocol (ASIC Protocol), Licensees are obligated to conduct a reference check and share information about individuals who seek employment or the authority to act as a financial adviser or mortgage broker.  

How do I request a reference check?

Email all ASIC reference check requests regarding former or current UniSuper employees who have worked at UniSuper in the last five years to:

When emailing us, please include:

The completed reference request, completed consent form of the applicant and return contact details (in case we have questions about the reference check).

Templates for the reference request and consent form can be found in the Schedules to the ASIC Protocol.

We will be unable to process the request if these completed documents are not provided.

How long does it take?

We have an obligation to respond within 10 business days from the date we receive the reference check request along with the required documentation.

In some circumstances, this period can be extended when both parties agree.


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