Information for prospective participating employers

As a UniSuper participating employer you’ll be assigned with an Employer Solutions Consultant. They’ll be your principal contact within UniSuper to help with the administrative aspects of your company’s participation with us.

An Employer Solutions Consultant can help you navigate the application process. Call our dedicated Employer Helpline on 1800 630 692 with any questions. 

Choosing a super fund for your employees is a big decision. You want to be sure your employees join a quality fund that offers great value, excellent service and relevant product choice, but it must be a good fit for your organisation too. 

An employer's guide to UniSuper booketAs the super fund dedicated to higher education and research professionals, we understand your unique needs as an employer in the sector. And, as a not-for-profit fund, you can be sure we’re in business solely to benefit your employees.

The employer’s guide to UniSuper (PDF,1.6MB) booklet provides a detailed look at the benefits we provide for employers and members. Plus it walks you through the application process and answers some questions we’re frequently asked. 

Our Employer Solutions Consultants are happy to chat about your eligibility, the benefits of UniSuper or answer any other questions you might have. Simply call 1800 630 692 or email us

As a participating employer you’ll enter into an agreement with UniSuper to participate in the Fund. This means we’ll automatically accept your employees as members when we receive the first contribution from you on their behalf.

Are you eligible? 

To qualify as a UniSuper participating employer, your organisation must be:

  • a university or university college 
  • associated with a university or university college, or 
  • engaged in higher education or a related purpose (such as a co-operative research centre or academic committee). 

If you’re unsure whether your organisation meets the requirements, why not speak with an Employer Solutions Consultant before submitting your application. Contact us on 1800 630 692

Benefits of UniSuper

For you we offer: 

  • no administration fees 
  • a designated Employer Solutions Consultant to support you 
  • an easy-to-use system to submit contributions and data online 
  • workplace visits, including on-site training 
  • regular communications about UniSuper and the industry, and 
  • the confidence that your employees are in good hands. 

For your employees we offer:

1. Source: visit for investment returns and fund ratings. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

If you’d like to discuss your eligibility, the benefit options or need assistance filling in the form, contact an Employer Solutions Consultant on 
1800 630 692 or email us.  

Joining UniSuper is easy

To join UniSuper as a participating employer, simply: 

1. check that your organisation is eligible

2. determine the type of benefit and contribution level you'll offer, then

3. complete and return the application form. 

The employer’s guide to UniSuper (PDF,1.6MB) booklet talks through the steps in more detail on page 18. 

Once you submit your application, the Trustee will decide if you satisfy the participating employer eligibility requirements. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your application as we go. 

Making contributions

The benefit option you choose, along with your default fund status, will determine which contribution processing solution is right for you. Your options might include:

  • SuperPay - our efficient, in-house contribution processing solution
  • a clearing house - this may be provided through UniSuper or a third party, or 
  • your payroll provider, if the process is SuperStream-compliant.

Your Employer Solutions Consultant can discuss your current process and the best option for you going forward.  

How much to contribute

Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation 2 members

Contributions for Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation 2 members are based on 17% of your employees' salary

Accumulation 1 members

Contributions for Accumulation 1 members should be based on at least 9.5% of ordinary time earnings. This is known as the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rate.

Visit the Australian Taxation Office website for more information about your superannuation obligations. 

Your administration and reporting requirements 

Your employees will need to complete a membership application form to join the Fund. A copy of the relevant product disclosure statement, including the application form, should be provided as part of your induction process. 

To establish member accounts, you’ll need to provide the following details about each new employee:

  • full name 
  • date of birth 
  • residential address 
  • tax file number (if your employee has one). 

To help us maintain DBD or Accumulation 2 member records, you’ll need to:

  • provide accurate contribution information at the same time that you remit contributions 
  • report each employee’s salary and service fraction annually
  • advise any changes in salary or service fraction 
  • notify us if an employee starts a period of employer-approved leave without pay, and 
  • notify us if a member stops working for you or their employment conditions change. 

We're here to help

For more information about becoming a participating employer with UniSuper or to request an application form, call our Employer Helpline on 1800 630 692 or email us