Investment update

21 Jun 2022
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Financial markets have been turbulent, and it’s natural for some of our members to worry about their investment performance. We’re providing updates on market conditions through various channels and our teams are here to support and provide advice to members.

John Pearce, Chief Investment Officer

How is performance looking for our members?

Financial markets have been up and down over the past few months. We’ve seen rising inflation and interest rates, and the supply of goods impacted by COVID lockdowns in China. The war in Ukraine has also created complications.

We expect that the market conditions will impact the short-term performance numbers for our growth-oriented investment options in the current financial year, but the long-term performance for these options is still strong.* Our Defined Benefit Division continues to maintain its strong position and our members’ accrued benefits are well funded.

Support for members

It’s natural that some members will be worried by the turbulence in financial markets. We encourage members to recognise that superannuation is a long-term investment and to make sure they’re in the right investment option for them. Our member services and advice teams are available to talk to those members who need assistance or advice. They can book an appointment online or call us on 1800 823 842.

We’ll be sending out Chief Investment Officer John Pearce’s quarterly investment update soon, covering the investment environment for the year to 30 June.


In March we announced our appointment as the exclusive institutional investment partner for Uniseed—Australia’s longest-established early-stage commercialisation fund manager.

Uniseed provides seed funding for research and technology developed by the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, New South Wales and the CSIRO. Together, these organisations provide around half of all patents created by research organisations in Australia.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to actively participate in research and technology that will shape the future, and it links to our heritage in the university and research sectors. We hope to see more organisations come under Uniseed’s umbrella.

Through Uniseed, we’ll be investing in industries like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, quantum computing and green energy. These investments will feed into our sustainable investment options and we look forward to seeing them grow over time.^

In his latest investment update, Chief Investment Officer John Pearce spoke with Kent Robbins who heads our private markets team about some highlights in Uniseed’s portfolio.

*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
^ We’re not recommending these investments for inclusion in personal portfolios. We chose them because they were suitable for our situation at the time. They may not be suitable for others.

New investment market podcast

To help our members keep up with what's happening in financial markets, we've introduced a monthly investment market podcast series, so they can hear directly from our expert investment team. We manage over 70% of our investments in-house across all major Australian and global asset classes. Being close to investment markets gives us a natural advantage when it comes to setting strategy, monitoring our investments, and managing asset allocation.

In our latest episode, UniSuper’s lead economist, investment manager David Colosimo discussed:

  • how rising inflation and interest rates are impacting equity and bond markets
  • what we can expect with a change in government
  • the key things we’re watching for as we wrap up the 2022 financial year.

Listen now

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