Australian Catholic University

UniSuper is proud to be Australian Catholic University's super fund of choice. We’re Australia’s only super fund dedicated to higher education and research professionals and exist solely to benefit our members.

We're on campus with you!

To help you get retirement ready, UniSuper provides three different levels of financial advice support on your campus. 

  1. On-Campus Consultants - provide free superannuation information that is general in nature.
  2. Super Advisers - can provide personal advice on a limited number of topics for a fee. 
  3. Private Client Advisers - provide comprehensive, tailored advice for a fee. 

Don't know which type of financial advice you need? Why not meet with your On-Campus Consultant or call the Financial Advice Centre on 1800 823 842 and they can talk you through the different types of financial advice and recommend which one may benefit you.  

Your On-Campus Consultants

Tracey_Heath-130x86Tracey Heath (Sydney)

Duncan_Carroll-130x86Duncan Carroll (Melbourne)

Ian-White-130x86Ian White (Brisbane)

Carol_Morton-130x86Carol Morton (Canberra)

Tracey Heath (Sydney), Duncan Carroll (Melbourne), Ian White (Brisbane) and Carol Morton (Canberra) are your On-Campus Consultants, available to provide free general information about superannuation, answer questions about UniSuper products or services or even help you with your paperwork. 

Make an appointment to meet with your On-Campus Consultant.

Your Financial Advisers - Select Advice

Glen-Wallace-130x86Glen Wallace (Sydney)

Ricky-Ochwani-130x86Ricky Ochwani (Melbourne)

jessie-xue-270x180Jessie Xue (Brisbane)

Natasha-Johnston-130x86Natasha Johnston (Canberra)

Glen Wallace (Sydney), Ricky Ochwani (Melbourne), Jessie Xue (Brisbane) and Natasha Johnston (Canberra) are Financial Advisers - Select Advice and can provide personal financial advice on specific issues relating to your UniSuper account such as choosing an investment strategy, making contributions, insurance and savings plans outside your super. Your Financial Advisers - Select Advice are available over the phone or by appointment. 

To make an appointment, call 1800 823 842.

Your Private Client Advisers

Craig-Naylor-130x86Craig Naylor (Sydney)

Jamie-Laird-130x86Jamie Laird (Melbourne)

James-Weyler-130x86James Weyler (Brisbane)

John-Cunnife-130x86John Cuniffe (Canberra)

Craig Naylor (Sydney), Jamie Laird (Melbourne), James Weyler (Brisbane), and John Cuniffe (Canberra) are available to provide comprehensive financial advice on multiple issues, and if a comprehensive financial plan is needed, Craig and Jamie will determine your needs and prepare a detailed, written personal financial plan and assist in implementing any changes.

Make an appointment to meet with Craig Naylor in Sydney, Jamie Laird in Melbourne, James Weyler in Brisbane, or John Cuniffe in Canberra by calling 1800 823 842.


We regularly hold free, on-campus seminars at Australian Catholic University. Topics range from Getting to know your super to Getting ready to retire

On-demand and live webcasts


Can't attend a seminar in person? Our free live audio and on-demand video webcasts are designed to keep you informed on a broad range of topics, wherever you're located, whenever you need. 

Our live audio webcasts include a 10-15 minute Q&A session providing you the opportunity to ask questions. 


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UniSuper Management Pty Limited is the administrator of UniSuper and is licensed to provide financial advice, which is provided under the name of UniSuper Advice.