Meet our advisers in Victoria.

Each profile contains relevant information about your adviser’s experience, qualifications, and the services they are permitted to provide. In addition, all of our advisers’ details are on ASIC’s Financial Advisers Register available on

  • Charles-Azzopardi_270x152

    Charles Azzopardi

    Charles has over 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry having worked for charted accounting firms and private boutique financial advisory firms.

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  • Dale-Barratt-560x315

    Dale Barratt

    Having worked for funds management, banking and private trustee firms, Dale draws upon a diversified skill set when providing quality advice to his clients.

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  • Jay Chidambara Bharathi

    Jay Chid

    Jay continuously strives to earn the trust and loyalty of UniSuper members by providing tailored advice in a friendly, professional and responsive manner.

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  • Steven Craigie

    Steven Craigie

    Steven specialises in providing personal advice in areas such as contributions to superannuation, insurance cover, managing investment risk and planning for retirement.

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  • Natalie-Eden-560x315

    Natalie Eden

    Natalie Eden has over 16 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

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  • Ly-Holian

    Ly Holian

    Ly takes the time to ensure complex strategies are simple to understand and empowers her clients to make decisions.

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  • Dale-Eriksen-560x315

    Dale Eriksen

    Prior to joining UniSuper Advice, Dale worked in chartered accounting, banking and boutique advisory firms.

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  • Derek-Gascoigne-560x315

    Derek Gascoigne

    With over 18 years' of experience in financial services, UniSuper’s Derek Gascoigne has advised a wide range of clients.

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  • Alexia-560x315

    Alexia Jackson

    Alexia joined UniSuper Advice as a Private Client Adviser in September 2016 where she now provides comprehensive financial advice to UniSuper members and their spouses.

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  • Jonathan-Kujawa

    Jonathan Kujawa

    Jonathan gives advice to a diverse range of people, focusing on wealth generation and protection, retirement planning and Centrelink maximisation.

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  • Jamie-Laird-560x315

    Jamie Laird

    Jamie has advised a wide variety of clients on many matters including strategies around superannuation and retirement planning, risk and wealth creation.

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  • Andrew_McKendry

    Andrew McKendry

    Andrew enjoys making a meaningful difference to member outcomes so that they can achieve their retirement goals and objectives.

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  • Cameron-Seidel-560x315

    Cameron Seidel

    Cameron Seidel has over 15 years' experience working in the financial services industry.

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  • Manoj-Sharma

    Manoj Sharma

    Manoj is dedicated to the advice process, strongly believes in the value of financial advice and understands the importance of regularly reviewing his clients’ financial plan.

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