Our services and costs

UniSuper Advice is a team of experienced, qualified financial advisers with expertise in both superannuation and broader financial products.

We can help you design a personal financial plan to achieve the pre- or post-retirement lifestyle you’re seeking, and advise you on investments, insurance and cash flow management.

Our team

We have advisers, supported by other specialists, servicing all capital cities, and can provide face-to-face or phone consultations if required, through:

  • Private Client Advisers – qualified and experienced advisers who provide comprehensive advice in a tailored financial plan
  • Review Advisers – provide regular reviews of your financial plan as you need it
  • Super Advisers – provide scaled personal advice, usually over the phone, and a financial plan to meet your needs on a few issues
If you need help deciding what type of advice may suit you, speak to UniSuper Advice on
1800 UADVICE (1800 823 842) or submit an online enquiry.

For information on our personal and general advice services, please refer to our Financial Services Guide – General Advice and Financial Services Guide – Personal Advice.

Select Advice

This scaled personal advice service is usually offered over the phone by our Super Advisers, and can help with advice on a few specific issues, including:

  • choosing a super investment strategy
  • super contributions
  • guiding your Flexi Pension decisions
  • reviewing of insurance attached to your UniSuper account
  • regular savings plans

Rate: up to $205 per hour.

Scaled personal advice services on a few issues, are typically provided by our Super Advisers at a cost ranging from $410 to $990 depending on the advice topics. Phone based advice is normally provided but a face to face meeting may be available at an additional cost of $120. Any fee, including any additional costs will be quoted and agreed before the scaled advice or services are provided.

Comprehensive Advice

This is the best option if you need personal advice on multiple issues, and are seeking a comprehensive financial plan to help you reach your goals. This service is provided by our Private Client Advisers and is usually face-to-face.

Rate: up to $315 per hour.

The typical fee for receiving comprehensive advice is between $2,500 and $5,500; however a higher fee may apply depending on the complexity of your situation and high value investments. Any fee will be quoted and agreed before advice or services are provided. In determining this quote we will consider the scope of the advice you are seeking, the level of complexity of the advice you require and the time it is likely to take us to gather and consider information about your personal circumstances, perform research and prepare the SoA. We will then quote hours and the total fee based on the hourly rate. Included in this fee is our implementation service, which means we assist you with the paperwork for any actions you are recommended.

Register for a seminar or webinar

Our advisers regularly hold educational seminars and webcasts covering a range of superannuation and retirement topics.

Review Advice

Keeping your financial plan on track is also very important and we offer a comprehensive review advice service. We offer a review service where we will contact you regularly, normally each year, to offer you a review of your advice.

The minimum advice fee for a comprehensive review starts from:

  • One person review from $1,100
  • Couple review from $1,700

The minimum fee is for a review of your existing financial strategy and this is incurred upon attending the review meeting. If your review includes new advice or requires additional work, this new work will be charged at a rate of up to $250 per hour and will be payable in addition to the applicable minimum review fee shown above. You will receive a quote for the cost of your review at your review appointment and be invoiced for the fee with the outcome of your review.

Find out more about our Review Service.

How can I pay?

If our advice relates to your UniSuper Fund membership or superannuation or retirement planning in general, you can direct us to deduct the relevant portion of your advice fee directly through your UniSuper account, depending on the balance of your account. If you’re a Defined Benefit Division member, we can only deduct advice fees from your accumulation component. The balance of fees, if any, can be paid by cheque or credit card.

Get advice

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