Read what some of our financial advice clients have to say about their experience with UniSuper Advice.

I am writing to formally thank you for the excellent advice and extraordinary care and attention you brought to our recent retirement meeting. In all of our dealings you have demonstrated exemplary professionalism and understanding.

I have been a UniSuper member since 1989 and watched the organization evolve from an employee focused industry fund to something different today. I had approached an alternative superannuation provider for advice. However after speaking with you on the phone and attending my first meeting with you at the office in Brisbane I immediately felt that you were working for my best interests. The recent session where you mapped out and simplified an excellent plan for my wife and myself was really wonderful.

You are an exceptional advisor in this field and bring great credit to UniSuper and I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to other colleagues for advice and understanding.

Donal Fitzpatrick - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Angelina Wu

I sought the services of Stephen Donaghy to advise me on planning for my financial security in retirement. I was very impressed with the high personalised professional service and advice he gave me, and how he tailored this specifically to suit my situation. He considered my assets, future needs and lifestyle aspirations, and then provided and implemented a strategy to provide the finances to meet my hopes.

Stephen’s work is above and beyond what I could have expected, and his expertise and attention to detail faultless. I have every confidence in him and have no hesitation in recommending his services with compete trust.

Marcelle Moran - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Stephen Donaghy

“Over the past years Adam McCarthy has been extremely helpful with advice and understands my particular situation. I feel he has become a friend as he has always been patient with me and explains fully all the variances and I trust his advice. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Jill Osborne - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Adam McCarthy

“I particularly like the fact that at no time in my dealings with Adam have I ever felt pressured into accepting any advice that I was not comfortable with or did not understand. Another aspect that I find reassuring is that Adam’s advice to me is always reviewed by other qualified staff in UniSuper.”

Cher Schodel - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Adam McCarthy

“I have received helpful financial advice from Adam McCarthy for 4 years. Adam listens and his advice has been targeted to my needs during transition to retirement. He is thorough and raises topics that I would not have thought of myself. I prefer to receive financial advice on a fee for service basis that Unisuper Advice provides.”

Margaret Spillman - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Adam McCarthy

"I first went to Adam for advice prior to my retirement and was subsequently very glad I did. Adam helped me put strategies in place that increased my retirement income and reduced my tax liability. His knowledge of the superannuation system and awareness of current legislation is always up to date. Therefore, I find the annual reviews a very important part of my financial planning as I often receive advice regarding matters that will affect me that I was not aware of. I, particularly, appreciate Adam's thorough approach and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Jennifer Martin - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Adam McCarthy

"Derek Gascoigne became my financial adviser in 2010 and immediately put in place a long–term financial plan, together with a number of strategies to achieve the financial goals we had set. The strategies have been brilliantly effective. Salary sacrifice and transition to retirement were set in place; with the resulting efficiencies in the management of my taxation obligations, and a disciplined savings plan, my financial position grew exponentially. What also impressed me was the flexibility in Derek's approach. Strategies have been adjusted along the way to accommodate changing circumstances; Derek has had a clever strategy for every situation. I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. From the expectation that I would need to sell my home to fund my retirement, I am now in the situation of having paid off my mortgage AND having enough money for a comfortable retirement. Derek has guided me to this outcome; I certainly could not have achieved it without his help.

Derek has been my financial life saver – and thus a life changer. I could not have wished for a more trustworthy, committed, generous and pleasant adviser; it's been an absolute pleasure to deal with him. For anyone seeking optimal financial advice and management of financial affairs, I would recommend Derek in the strongest possible terms."

Victoria Rogers - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Derek Gascoigne

"Obtaining financial advice and clarification of my finances from Matthew Sear has been a turning point. I had worked hard to save and gain some financial security. I was really focused on saving money for my future and that is a hard habit to change. Once my financial position was made clear factually, I felt confident that I could give up the second job, without worrying about my financial security. Also it made me less anxious about spending money. I remind myself that it is okay to spend some money and do the things that I want to do."

UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Matthew Sear

"When I first came to see you, it felt like I was on the edge of this giant precipice ready to fall into retirement. It was quite a step in the life journey albeit more frightening than pleasure. I really had no idea about this stage of retirement, pensions or processes.

I've appreciated your patience and attention to detail and then understanding where I was coming from and my needs. Your time and diligence has been critical in getting the plan right.

It's been great working with you. You've put me at ease with your easy manner, and you've been more than understanding with my ignorance about superannuation. You've helped me understand the practical implications of super and how it now affects me. This is very comforting when there is so much at stake.

It has been a very good experience for me and I appreciate your care - of my resources as well as me as a person."

Robyn Jorgensen - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Matthew Sear

"I chose to come and see Matthew Sear because I had heard there were benefits with super once you turn 60 years of age. I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a free consultation. It was a God send to me, I now feel like I am on track. The consultation service was amazing. Matthew is very knowledgeable and understands the defined benefit. The report was compiled well, detailed and comprehensive and I understood it. I know how to go about looking after my super funds in retirement."

Sheree Scott - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Matthew Sear

"I made an appointment to see Matthew because I was concerned about my retirement situation, particularly managing debt. It is the best thing I’ve ever done. Just amazing. It’s a weight off my shoulders, and has dramatically dropped my stress levels. I recommend Matthew for retirement planning."

Iain Burns - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Matthew Sear

"I wanted to retire but I didn’t know whether I had enough funds to make it viable. A colleague had had a consultation with UniSuper and strongly recommended that I do the same. I wanted to be confident that I was making the right decision for my future and this seemed to be the way I could achieve that. My discussions with Matthew were like an enlightenment: I hadn’t understood how the two parts of my super fund functioned or what I could do with them, and discussion with him showed me how I could manage my retirement in a way I had not been aware was possible.

Working with Matthew and UniSuper worked for me because Matthew first showed me the possibilities; then I was able use that to formulate my own ideas; and then Matthew took them and built a concrete plan out of them. It is good to feel confident that my future financial security is assured because my retirement plan is very sound."

Rosemary Roberts - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Matthew Sear

"We have met with Angelina Wu on a number of occasions when seeking retirement advice.

She is extremely helpful and shows initiative in offering suggestions for our particular situation. She is very knowledgeable in regards to superannuation regulations and laws, communicates well and makes the effort to understand our issues."

Louise and Col Sharman - UniSuper members
Review Adviser - Angelina Wu

"Seeking UniSuper Advice has been a most beneficial and positive experience for me. I was able to discuss with Cameron Seidel my particular and unique circumstances in a confidential and open manner and I feel confident that the retirement plan Cameron devised for me has optimised all possible opportunities, both with my superannuation and Centrelink.

His explanations were very clear and he always tried to simplify otherwise complex information. It was evident that Cameron has a wealth of experience working with retirees and has great depth of knowledge regarding superannuation options.

Cameron spent a lot of time chatting with me about my lifestyle plan for retirement and how I might sustain that lifestyle. I never felt rushed or intimidated and felt I could speak frankly to him about financial matters and trust him with my particulars.

The expert guidance from Cameron has meant I’m relaxed and enjoying my retirement knowing my opportunities have been maximised."

Judy Nolan - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Cameron Seidel

"Now, that I have received financial advice from UniSuper, I feel that I have given due care to plan my retirement. While the cost of advice is a significant dollar amount, I can say that I am happy with the service and financial advice that I received from UniSuper. After receiving the advice from UniSuper through Cameron Seidel, I have made important changes to my super, and I am relieved that the decision that I made is based on a formal written Statement of Advice that the UniSuper team prepared."

UniSuper Advice member
Private Client Adviser - Cameron Seidel

“I was very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of your advice. You have identified a number of significant opportunities for me to improve my retirement income and your explanations were comprehensive and clear.  I was also extremely impressed with the fact that all of the forms that I needed to sign were already completed on my behalf - that is a sign of absolute efficiency and quality client service.d I am relieved that the decision that I made is based on a formal written Statement of Advice that the UniSuper team prepared.”

UniSuper Advice member
Private Client Adviser - Dale Barratt

“Jamie Laird has provided me with everything I need in relation to advice about UniSuper: prompt and supportive service, clear and concise answers to my questions and appropriately lay explanations of the essential things I needed to know about my super entitlements and options for the future. And I know I can ring and get further advice whenever I might need it.”

Rhonda Small - UniSuper member
Private Client Adviser - Jamie Laird

"We have seen Jamie as an advisor over the past 3 years. These are some of our observations:

  • You are treated as a person not a spreadsheet, with advice that is specific to your needs and circumstances
  • Your autonomy is respected, being made to feel comfortable to accept, or not accept the advice offered
  • Even if you are reasonably financially literate Jamie will raise questions and ideas you may not have considered
  • If your finances are somewhat complicated Jamie has the experience to identify potential problems and provide comprehensive advice
  • Both the broad structure and the necessary details for forward financial planning are addressed."

David & Robyn Pierce - UniSuper members
Private Client Adviser - Jamie Laird