Got super here, there and everywhere?

If you've had more than one job throughout your working life, there's a chance you’ve got more than one super account. Combining your super can help you reduce your fees and charges, and save time with just one account to manage.*

Combine your super in minutes

It’s easy to find all your super and bring it together in one account. You might even have some lost super out there, just waiting for you to claim it!

Note: The ATO’s SuperMatch tool is temporarily unavailable. You can still combine your super by entering your other funds’ details, but we can’t search for other super accounts in your name or find any lost super held by the ATO.

Things to consider

  • Make sure you’ve given us your tax file number (TFN), so we can find your super.
  • Before combining your super, consider the possible effects this might have on things like the fees you pay, the conditions of your insurance and the tax on your super. There could be other effects too, so it’s best to seek financial advice if you’re unsure.
  • You can transfer your insurance cover before you close your other accounts with our Transfer of insurance cover application form (PDF, 100 KB).
  • If you'd prefer to fill out a form to combine your super, complete the Combine my super (rollover) form (PDF, 128 KB).


Why combine?

Pay only one set of fees and charges

Save time with just one account to manage

Be part of one of Australia’s most award-winning super funds

Transfer from a self-managed super fund (SMSF)

If you'd like to transfer your super from a SMSF, you'll need to arrange this with your SMSF. The trustee of the SMSF will provide you with a Rollover Benefit Statement. For more information, refer to the ATO website.

We only accept transfers by a cheque from your SMSF or a bank cheque. You'll need to provide some supporting information too.

Provide a cheque from your SMSF

We’ll also need a completed Rollover Benefit Statement (available from the ATO).


Provide a bank cheque

We’ll also need a completed Rollover Benefit Statement (available from the ATO), and one of the following:

- a bank statement showing that the funds have come from a bank account in the name of the SMSF. The bank statement should also show the transaction (i.e. the cheque being drawn from the account)


- a screenshot of the bank account’s transaction history showing both the name of the SMSF and the amount of the cheque being drawn.

If you have any questions about combining your super, please call 1800 331 685 or contact us.
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