Super and your spouse

You and your other half (you don’t even have to be married) can boost your joint retirement income, and maybe even get special tax treatment.

Find out how you could benefit from sharing your super contributions with your spouse through contribution splitting, and how they could help boost your super by making a contribution.

You don't have to be married to have a 'spouse'

If you're a UniSuper member, we recognise a spouse as being a person who:

  • you are legally married to,
  • is in a relationship with you (whether of the same or opposite sex), and the relationship is registered under an Australian state or territory law, or
  • is in a relationship with you (whether of the same or opposite sex), and you live together on a genuine domestic basis as a couple.
See our full definition of spouse.

Contribution splitting

Boost your joint retirement income and receive other benefits while you’re at it.

As a UniSuper member, in certain circumstances you may be able to split your concessional (before-tax) super contributions across two UniSuper accounts – yours, and your spouse’s.

Spouse contributions

Your spouse can top up your UniSuper Account at any time by making an after-tax contribution on your behalf.

Learn more about spouse contributions, including potential tax benefits and how contributions are capped: Spouse contributions.

UniSuper Spouse Accounts

Learn more about a UniSuper Spouse Account and how they work, including how to set one up and eligibility criteria:

With low fees, competitive investment returns and exclusive membership, you and your partner can both benefit from being part of UniSuper:

Get advice

UniSuper Advice helps UniSuper members with more than just super. Each year the UniSuper Advice team helps hundreds of members navigate the financial side of important life events.

Talk to UniSuper Advice on 1800 UADVICE (1800 823 842) to help you and your spouse decide a contributions strategy for you.

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