Expert healthcare for every member

360Health is a suite of medical and wellness services available online or over the phone. And being 100% confidential, it’s a safe and convenient way to get health support from the experts without the premium price tag.

360Health benefits

Completely confidential

Assessments, reports and recommendations are only shared with your GP and our insurer with your consent.

Included at no extra cost

All UniSuper members can use 360Health for no additional cost. Your access also extends to your partner, parents and children.

Internationally recognised

Speak to Australian and international specialists, including dermatologists, dietitians, paediatricians, and psychologists.

Virtual care services

Diet, fitness and recovery

Get a personalised plan from a qualified dietitian that suits your lifestyle, preferences and nutrition needs.

Help improve your fitness or injury recovery with advice and a personalised plan from an exercise physiologist.

Mental health

Book an in-depth review of your mental wellbeing from Australian-based experts and receive ongoing support.

Have your general mental health questions answered online within 24 hours.


Have medical questions answered by a GP, paediatrician or mental health clinician within 24 hours.

Get medical opinions on diagnosis and treatment plans from global specialists and doctors.

Expert consultations without the extra charges

Consult with an internationally recognised specialist from the comfort of your own home — no registration necessary.
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Alternatively, register for Virtual Care services with the code UNISUP via the 360Health app on iOS or Android or by calling 1800 325 578.


  • Things you need to know

    To access Mental Health Assist and Nutrition Consultation you need to be 18 years old or above.

    The information about MetLife life insurance is general only and does not take into account your personal situation, financial situation, needs or objectives. Before deciding whether to acquire, or continuing to hold, any of our products, please read the PDS available at Life insurance products are issued by MetLife Insurance Limited ABN 75 004 274 882 AFSL 238096. The information provided is general information only and is not health or medical advice. If you have a health or medical concern, please seek professional medical advice immediately. You should always consult a licensed health care professional for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and before starting or changing your health regime, including seeking advice regarding what drugs, diet, exercise routines, physical activities or procedures are appropriate for your particular condition and circumstances.

    360Health services are not provided by way of insurance (including health insurance) and the provision of these services is not dependent on the occurrence of an insured event under the policy. 360Health Virtual Care is a service provided by Teladoc Health. Teladoc Health is a separate and independent entity to MetLife, and MetLife will not be responsible for the nature or quality of services provided by Teladoc Health. Access to these services will be at MetLife’s reasonable discretion and is eligible for all MetLife Protect customers and eligible clients who have received a specific code to activate the service. MetLife reserves the right to reasonably discontinue or change the services at any time.

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