Default Death and TPD insurance cover through your super

When you first become a member of UniSuper, you automatically receive insurance cover provided you meet certain eligibility criteria.

Are you a DBD member? 

Eligible DBD members receive default cover in addition to inbuilt Death and Disablement benefits.

Better still, you won’t have to go through any underwriting to receive this default cover.

Depending on your age, default cover is one unit of Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance cover. It doesn’t include Income Protection cover.

Premiums are deducted from your accumulation component or your accumulation account.


You need to satisfy certain criteria to be eligible for default insurance cover when you first join UniSuper. To find out what eligibility criteria apply to your membership group read the Insurance in your super booklet.

What you’ll automatically be covered for

If you’re less than 70 when you first join UniSuper 

You’ll receive one unit of default Death and TPD cover, provided you’re eligible.

If you’re aged 70–74 when you first join UniSuper

You’ll receive one unit of default Death-only cover, provided you’re eligible.

Any Death and TPD cover you have will be transferred to Death-only cover when you turn 70. This cover ceases when you turn 75.

What's fixed and unitised cover?

Unitised cover means the cost of each unit of cover you get stays the same as you get older, but the amount of cover you get goes down. A unit refers to the level of cover you are insured for. Unitised cover is the default type of cover.

Fixed cover means the cost of cover increases as you get older, but the amount of insurance you get for that cost stays the same. Fixed TPD cover will reduce by 10% each year from age 61 until it ceases at age 70.

Learn more about Death and TPD cover

Increasing your insurance cover

Don’t wait for the worst to happen to think about your finances. Consider whether increasing the insurance you have through your super can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Increase your insurance cover when you join without having to give health evidence

In addition to your default cover you can also apply for more insurance cover.  Normally you would have to provide medical evidence but the Insurer has agreed that in some situations medical evidence isn’t required.

If you automatically receive one unit of default Death and TPD cover when you first join UniSuper, you can increase that cover to either two or three units without providing medical evidence—so long as you apply within 180 days of first being eligible to join UniSuper. If you’re a Spouse Account member, you need to apply within 180 days of your spouse being first eligible to join UniSuper.

You can apply for additional cover above the default cover after the first 180 days from the date you first join UniSuper, but you'll have to provide health evidence to the Insurer.

For more information, including how to apply: Learn more.

Apply for additional insurance cover after you join

You can apply for additional cover at any time after you join UniSuper but you’ll have to provide health evidence to the Insurer. The Insurer may also request additional health information from you.

Read more about how applying for insurance works

How to opt out

You can opt out of default cover at any time by notifying us of your decision. If you decide to opt out, your insurance will stop when we receive your request.  We strongly recommend you carefully consider this decision and seek financial advice before making any choices.

If  you change your mind later on and decide that you'd like cover, you’ll have to provide health evidence to our Insurer.

If you have more than one unit of Death and TPD cover you can decrease your level of cover at any stage.

The member application form you completed when you first joined UniSuper gives you the option to cancel or decrease your cover. If you didn’t make this choice when you first because a member, you must complete this form:

Changing your insurance cover form

Learn more

Who provides the insurance through your super?

Insurance cover for UniSuper members is provided through group insurance policies we’ve taken out with TAL Life Limited (who we refer to as “the Insurer”).

This page only provides a snapshot of the default insurance cover available through your accumulation account or accumulation component.

Before you make any decisions take a look at the Insurance in your super booklet which provides the following detailed information:

  • eligibility criteria,
  • how much you can apply for,
  • important definitions,
  • waiting periods
  • how to apply, and
  • other necessary information and forms.

 Insurance in your super booklet

Get advice

UniSuper Advice helps UniSuper members with more than just super. Each year the UniSuper Advice team helps thousands of members navigate the financial side of important life events, like figuring out the right level of cover for them.

Talk to UniSuper Advice 

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