Changing your insurance cover

You may want to change your insurance cover while you’re a member with us. This can vary depending on what type of insurance cover you have and what product you're in.

Default Death and TPD insurance

In addition to your default cover, you can also apply for more insurance cover. Normally, you’d have to provide medical evidence, but our Insurer has agreed that in some situations, medical evidence isn’t required.

When you first join UniSuper, you automatically receive one unit of default Death and TPD cover and you can increase that cover to either two or three units without providing medical evidence—so long as you apply within 180 days of first being eligible to join UniSuper. If you’re a Spouse Account member, you need to apply within 180 days of your spouse first being eligible to join UniSuper.

Income Protection

If you're an Accumulation 1 or Spouse Account member, you can apply for default Income Protection cover of up to 23 units per week through the membership application form in your PDS, provided you do so within 180 days of being first eligible to join UniSuper.

Accumulation 2 members generally receive Income Protection cover as part of their transfer from the DBD. See Transitioned cover for more information.

Increasing your cover

If it’s over 180 days since you were first eligible to join UniSuper and you want to apply to increase or change your  cover, you can do this by logging in to MemberOnline, or by completing the application in the Insurance in your super booklet. You may need to give health evidence as part of your application.

Cancelling your cover

If you want to cancel your cover, you can do so any time by logging in to MemberOnline or by completing the Change your insurance cover form.

Need some advice?

UniSuper Advice helps thousands of members navigate the financial side of important life events, like figuring out the right level of cover they need, etc.

Contact UniSuper Advice on 1800 UADVICE (1800 823 842) and see how they can help you.