You can’t change insurance online

Between 17 May and 31 May 2024, we’re transitioning to our new insurer, MetLife. If you have insurance with UniSuper, you can’t make changes to your cover online until 3 June 2024.

You can still view your cover online and use a paper form to request changes to your cover or lodge a claim. Requests to decrease, cancel or switch your cover will be processed normally, but there may be delays if you want to:

  • increase your cover
  • transfer your cover from another super provider, or
  • apply for life events cover.

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  • What is the cut-off date for insurance changes?

    In your personalised communication about the insurance changes, we advised the cut-off to request any insurance changes online prior to 1 June was originally on Friday 10 May 2024. Given our systems have been unavailable and are progressively being restored, we have extended this cut-off to 11:59pm AEST on Friday 17 May 2024.

    You can find your personalised communication in your digital inbox when you log in to online services. If you are not registered for online services, you will have received this letter by post. The letter explains what this change means for you and how to take any action in advance of the change. If you have a link in your personalised letter, you can make changes by following the link. Members who do not have a link to follow are able to download and submit a form via our website.

  • I don’t have insurance with UniSuper. Am I affected?
    You're not affected by this change today if you don’t have insurance cover. If you’re interested in taking out cover in the future, our insurer may require you to provide evidence of your health as part of your application.
  • I’ve recently made a claim. Will it be affected because of the change?
    Claims made before1 June 2024 are still handled by the current insurer. This means claims in progress won’t be affected, including your benefit. We'll continue to keep you informed about your claim's progress.
  • How will premiums be determined from 1 June 2024?

    A range of factors will be considered when determining your insurance premiums. These include your:

    • Age
    • the amount of cover you have
    • occupation (if you’re a Personal Account member)
    • sex at birth.

    If you have age-based cover, your cover and your premiums will change each year. If you have fixed cover, your premiums will change each year but your cover will remain the same.

  • Why is sex at birth used to work out premiums?

    Along with things like age and occupation, a sex at birth of male or female helps determine premium costs. For example, a person whose sex at birth is male is more likely to make a death or TPD claim, while a person whose sex at birth is female is more likely to claim income protection benefits.

    We acknowledge your sex at birth may differ from your gender identity. It won’t affect what you’re covered for – UniSuper members can lodge a claim for any condition, regardless of their sex at birth or gender. If you’d like to change your recorded sex at birth with us, please call us on 1800 331 685.

  • What is default cover?
    Default cover is a base level of cover you can get without providing evidence of your health.
  • What is age-based cover?
    Age-based cover changes your death and TPD cover amounts to better complement your life stage. For example, less cover when you’re younger and more cover when you’re starting a family or buying a home. To get a sense of how cover amounts change as you age, see the diagram below.
  • At what age does Income Protection cover stop?

    We're extending the age your Income Protection cover ceases from 65 to 67. If you have a benefit period of two or five years, you’re protected until age 67.

    If you have a 'To age 65' benefit period, we will automatically convert your cover to a two-year benefit period on your 63rd birthday and this cover will continue to age 67. If you're aged 63 or over on 1 June 2024, we'll automatically convert your cover from the 'To Age 65' benefit period to a two-year benefit period on 1 June 2024.

  • What is a unit of age-based cover?
    When you have age-based or unitised cover, each unit of cover has a specific dollar value based on your age. Depending on the number of units you hold, your cover changes each year as you get older. This is unlike fixed cover, which provides the same amount of cover over time.
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