Insurance and inactive super accounts

If your account hasn’t received a contribution or rollover in 16 continuous months, your insurance cover will be automatically cancelled.

Everyone’s situation is different and it’s important to consider what’s appropriate for you and your needs. To keep your insurance when you’re not receiving regular contributions, you can do one of the following:


Complete the Elect to keep your insurance cover form and return it to us.


Contribute any amount into your UniSuper account.


Consolidate your super from another fund into UniSuper.

You should check if you have insurance with another super provider and compare it to your UniSuper cover before deciding to keep your insurance with us.

Reinstate cancelled cover

You can apply to reinstate your cover if it was cancelled due to:

  • no contributions or rollovers in 16 continuous months,  or
  • not having enough money in your account to pay your premiums when due.
Complete the Reinstate insurance form (PDF, 537 KB) and return it to us us within 90 days of the date your cover ended.
If eligible, your cover will be the same type and level you had with the same restrictions, conditions and loadings.


You can reinstate your insurance if you:

  • are working, or are capable of working, in your usual occupation on a full-time basis free from any limitation due to injury or illness
  • are employed on the date you apply
  • are not claiming, entitled to or have been paid a Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) or terminal illness type benefit from any super fund or insurance policy.

If you’re not eligible to reinstate your insurance, you can apply for insurance. You may need to provide health evidence to our insurer.

If you have any questions about your insurance, please call 1800 331 685 or contact us.
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