Transfer insurance from another fund

If you have cover through your previous super fund you may be able to transfer this cover to UniSuper, provided you meet certain conditions.

Transfer of insurance cover

Use the Transfer of insurance cover form to transfer existing insurance cover from a previous superannuation arrangement across to your UniSuper membership. Find out more about:

  • what insurance cover you can transfer
  • if you’re eligible
  • other benefits
  • how to apply to transfer

If you do decide you’d like to transfer your insurance from another fund into UniSuper, you can apply by logging into MemberOnline or complete the Transfer of insurance cover form.

Weigh up your options

Consider your options carefully before you decide to transfer your cover. You may want to seek financial advice about transferring your insurance cover from another fund into UniSuper.

Before you make any decisions, take a look at the Insurance in your super  booklet.

UniSuper Helpline         1800 331 685
UniSuper Advice           1300 331 685