Investing for an exceptional retirement

Your super is invested in assets such as shares, property or fixed interest. The returns from these investments help your super balance grow over time.

How you invest your super can play a big part in your retirement savings. Depending on the type of super you have, you can choose from pre-mixed options that we manage, or you can get hands-on and do it yourself. 


Strong investment performance
We’re known as one of Australia’s best super funds for our strong investment performance.* See for yourself how all our investment options have been performing.
8.50% p.a.
Balanced option return over 10 years (as at 30 Sep 2020)
Winner of the Chant West award for Best Fund: Investments 2019 
Five questions for the CIO - September 2020

With the Reserve Bank of Australia targeting a cash rate of 0.25%, a recent mini ‘bust’ in the tech sector and the price of gold hitting new highs, you might be wondering how your super fund can possibly find opportunities to invest and grow your life savings.

But there are always opportunities—it’s just that this time, they seem to be linked to the post-COVID ‘new normal’.

Join Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce, as he discusses the current investment landscape.

Investing with UniSuper

Investment options
We have a wide range of investment options to help you build an investment strategy that’s right for you. Learn more about each option, including its investment strategy, performance, and fees and costs.
Getting started with investment
Your super is likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. You get to decide how your money is invested—but how do you know which investment is right for you?

About our investments

Responsible, sustainable investing
As a responsible investor, we assess environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across every investment we make, including climate risk management and human rights in the supply chain.
How we invest
Dive into the details about how we invest your money, our investment beliefs and strategies, major holdings and how we apply investment returns.
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