Our investment approach

Our strong in-house investments team has expertise across  a range of asset classes. We invest in listed companies, bonds and large unlisted assets such as airports, roads, timber plantations and high-quality retail, industrial and commercial properties.

As large investors, we’re able to engage with the boards and management of our 50 largest Australian investments on material environment, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Our members have the flexibility to choose from 16 investment options, including pre-mixed and sector options.

Responsible investment

We consider a range of financial and ESG factors when making investment decisions. We look to invest in companies with good corporate behaviour1 that can deliver sustainable, long-term returns for our members. And with three sustainable and environmental-branded options, we offer our members real choice when it comes to how their super is invested.2

Responsible investment

We take a risk-based approach to identify key ESG factors across our major investments. See how we’re delivering long term returns and supporting a better tomorrow.

Climate risks and opportunities

We actively manage climate risks and opportunities across our portfolios. Learn about how we factor climate into our investment decisions.

Sustainable and environmental branded options

These options2 allow members to limit their exposure to certain industries and/or to invest in companies seeking to address environmental issues.

Case studies

We engage with the boards and management our major holdings on a range of ESG issues. We also invest in companies that are helping drive the transition to clean energy.

Read our case studies to learn more about our approach.

Investment managers

Our team of experienced investment analysts, portfolio managers, economists, and finance and ESG specialists looks after your retirement savings. And with over 70% of our investments managed in-house, we can keep fees lower for our members.

Learn more about the benefits of in-house management and meet our investment leadership team.

Our investment beliefs

When we make investment decisions at UniSuper our number one principle is that superannuation is our members’ life savings.

Guiding our investment decisions are our investment beliefs. These shape the way we manage our members’ retirement savings.

Reporting on our actions

We make regular updates about our responsible investment actions through our Climate and Responsible Investment reports. We also share information about how we’ve voted at company meetings.


UniSuper invests in sustainable Tasmanian plantation forest

We're pleased to let our members know about our new timber investment in Tasmania's largest hardwood plantation estate, Forico.

Making the most of investment choice

In times of market volatility, one of the things you can control is how your super is invested.

Listen to our latest investment podcast

Join our experts for the latest news on financial markets and the economy.

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