Working together on ESG

We engage with the boards and management of our 50 largest Australian investments across a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.1 Here are some examples.2

Engaging with Cleanaway on environmental issues

As a waste management business, Cleanaway is at the forefront of the circular economy. We engage with its Board and management on their climate targets, strategy and action plan, including their approach to methane emissions. We’re pleased to see progress in areas such as waste-to-energy, waste oil recycling and container deposit schemes.

Cultural heritage destruction

In 2020 Rio Tinto (RIO) destroyed a 46,000-year-old site of cultural significance, Juukan Gorge. We engaged with RIO’s management and Board to understand the procedural failings and accountabilities and sought commitments to improve practices and engagement with First Nations Peoples.

Workplace health and safety in timber

Workplace health and safety is a key issue in our timber assets, given the high risk of the work involved. Our team work closely with the operators of our timber assets to continuously improve worker safety both on site, for example during logging, and across the supply chain.

Investing for the future

Electric vehicles

We invest in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers Tesla, BYD and Yadea, as well as manufacturers of EV batteries, Samsung SDI. Our investment in companies like Pilbara Minerals, Allkem and BHP helps produce steel, nickel, copper and lithium for the EV industry.

Solar and wind power

Through our Global Environmental Opportunities option, we invest in solar and wind power, including companies that make equipment to convert DC to AC. Companies like SolarEdge and Enphase Energy manufacture solar optimisers and inverters for residential solar power.


Dominion Energy, one of our large utility holdings, has built significant solar capacity, a large hydro storage facility, and is developing a wind farm. Another, National Grid, is investing in connecting renewable energy into the grid and infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

  • Things you need to know

    1 These include investments in ASX-listed companies and unlisted assets with Australian-based operations.

    2 Comments on the companies we invest in aren't intended as a recommendation of those companies for inclusion in personal portfolios. Our portfolios have been designed to suit us, and may not be appropriate for others. Holdings are as at 31 December 2023 and are subject to change without notice.

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