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We understand that sustainability can mean different things to different people. In addition to our standard investment options, we offer members the choice of three sustainable and environmental branded options.1 These allow members to limit their exposure to certain sectors and/or to invest in companies whose business activities seek to address global environmental issues and opportunities.

These options are certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia.2 See our Responsible investment strategy (PDF, 165 KB) for more information about how we apply our responsible investment strategy to these options.

Three options for sustainable and environmental investing1

Sustainable Balanced

Includes a mix of asset classes and limits exposure to certain sectors.

Sustainable High Growth

Investments chosen based on the same criteria as Sustainable Balanced, but with different asset allocations.

Global Environmental Opportunities (GEO)

A portfolio of global shares in companies whose business activities seek to address environmental issues and opportunities.

Our sustainable and environmental branded options limit exposure to:

Fossil fuels icon

Fossil fuels

(10% revenue threshold)
Weapons icon


(1% revenue threshold)
Gambling icon


(5% revenue threshold)
Alcohol icon


(5% revenue threshold)
Tobacco icon


(5% revenue threshold3)
Jail icon

Human rights violations

(see footnote4)

We also exclude companies with aggregated revenue of over 10% from any of the above.

In addition to the above screening criteria, we seek to include companies which meet certain positive criteria. Every six months, we screen our investments to determine whether they still meet the criteria of our sustainable branded options.5

This negative screening criteria is in addition to our Fund-wide exclusion of companies considered to be manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products (as classified by third party providers) and companies with reported revenues greater than 10%6 deriving from the exploration and/or production of thermal coal.

For more information about how we screen investments and the criteria that we use, download our How we invest your money (PDF, 1.27 MB) booklet.

Sustainable Balanced & Sustainable High Growth

Our Sustainable Balanced and Sustainable High Growth options are Pre-Mixed options which include a range of asset classes.

In addition to our Fund-wide exclusions, they seek to limit exposures to certain sectors listed above and/or include investments with positive attributes. For example, we may invest in listed companies rated with quality ESG practices7 either by a third-party provider, by the UniSuper in-house Investment team and/or by an external manager. We may also consider whether the company is aligned with one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). For more information, download our How we invest your money (PDF, 1.27 MB) booklet.

Note Sustainable High Growth is a less diversified and higher risk option than Sustainable Balanced.

Learn more about the risk, performance and asset allocations of our sustainable options:

Sustainable Balanced option

Sustainable High Growth option

Global Environmental Opportunities (GEO)

GEO is a sector option, which means it invests in a single asset class or theme. It’s a very high risk option due to its investment criteria and is designed to be blended with other sector options or combined with our pre-mixed options.

Our GEO portfolio is made up of global shares in companies that seek to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable economy.8 To qualify, companies need to derive at least 40% of their reported revenue from products or services related related to one or more environmental market sectors, including:

  • alternative energy
  • energy efficiency
  • sustainable water
  • green building
  • pollution prevention
  • sustainable agriculture.

Learn more about the risk, performance and asset allocations of GEO:

Global Environmental Opportunities option

Award-winning ESG options

Winner of Money magazine’s Best Shares ESG Super Product Award in 2022 and 2023, GEO is designed and managed by our in-house Investment team.

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  • Things you need to know

    1 Sustainable and environmental investing means different things to different people. Different products have different investment criteria. Read our sustainable and environmental branded options page and How we invest your money (PDF, 1.27 MB) booklet to find out what sustainable and environmental investing means to us and what our investment options invest in.

    2 The Responsible Investment Certification Program does not constitute financial product advice. Neither the Certification Symbol nor RIAA recommends to any person that any financial product is a suitable investment or that returns are guaranteed. Appropriate professional advice should be sought prior to making an investment decision. RIAA does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

    3 This is in addition to our fund-wide exclusion of companies that are considered to be manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products, as classified by third party providers. It includes tobacco, manufacture of nicotine alternatives and tobacco-based products (excluding supply of key products necessary for the manufacture of tobacco or nicotine products).

    4 We assess companies that breach the UN Global Compact or have otherwise been found to commit human rights violations. We conduct these reviews periodically and on a case-by-case basis. As we become aware of specific issues, we may exclude companies based on our assessment and findings.

    5 Whilst we seek to identify and manage securities which no longer meet the criteria for these options, there are limitations in relation to the collection of data and reporting of these screens. From time to time, there may be inadvertent inclusion of securities that fall outside our negative screens due to the timing of operational controls. We regularly screen for these anomalies and seek to exclude securities that fall outside our negative screens once identified. The ability to dispose of a security is dependent on a number of factors.

    6 We may retain an interest in companies with greater than 10% of their reported revenues from thermal coal if they’re in the process of divesting or winding down their thermal coal business.

    7 Having sound governance, quality management, strong business fundamentals with consideration to managing environmental and social risks/challenges. Refer to our Responsible investment and proxy voting policy for more information.

    8 As defined by third party providers.

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