How we measure performance

You want to know how your super or pension is performing—after all, you’ve trusted us with your hard-earned retirement savings so you want to be sure we’re looking after your money.

To ensure we’re performing in the way we’re aiming to and that we remain competitive in the market, we objectively measure how we’re performing against:

  • Each of our investment options’ performance objectives, and
  • Our peers.

Measuring performance against our performance objectives

Each of our investment options has a performance objective or level of return it aims to achieve over a recommended investment time frame, after taking into account its risk and return characteristics.

For each option, other than Australian Equity Income, we try to exceed inflation, which we measure using the Consumer Price Index (CPI), by a percentage margin. 

Find out more about the performance objectives of our investment options and how they’ve performed:

Measuring performance against our peers

We measure our investment performance relative to peers using various surveys and reports produced by external ratings and research organisations, such as SuperRatings and Chant West. These surveys allow us to regularly monitor and benchmark our performance against our competitors. They also provide insight into how we rank on other factors such as fees and insurance options.

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