Major holdings

Below are our largest holdings, aggregated across the Fund, for each asset class. These holdings are based on the value of each holding as a percentage of the Fund’s total investments.

If you want to see the holdings for each of our individual investment options, click on the relevant investment option link in the Super performance or Pension performance tables.

Australian Shares International Shares Cash and Fixed Interest
  1. Transurban Group  
  2. Sydney Airport 
  3. Scentre Group
  4. APA Group
  5. GPT Group/The
  6. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  7. Telstra Corp Ltd
  8. Westpac Banking Corp
  9. DUET Group
  10. Vicinity Centres
  11. Woolworths Ltd
  12. ASX Ltd
  13. National Australia Bank Ltd
  14. Macquarie Group Ltd
  15. BHP Billiton Ltd
  16. Australia & New Zealand Banking
  17. Wesfarmers Ltd
  18. Aurizon Holdings Ltd
  19. CSL Ltd
  20. Rio Tinto Ltd
  1. Johnson & Johnson
  2. JP Morgan Chase & Co
  3. Nestle SA
  4. Bank of America Corp
  5. Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC
  6. Pfizer Inc
  7. Wells Fargo & Co
  8. Citigroup Inc
  9. Alphabet Inc
  10. Colgate-Palmolive Co
  11. Inc
  12. Visa Inc
  13. PepsiCo Inc
  14. Roche Holding AG
  15. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
  16. Kimberly-Clark Corp
  17. Medtronic PLC
  18. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
  19. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
  20. Microsoft Corp
  1. BNP Paribas Nominees
  2. Australian Government
  3. National Australia Bank Ltd
  4. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  5. Queensland Treasury Corp
Direct Property
  1. Karrinyup Shopping Centre WA
  2. ISPT 50 Lonsdale St VIC
  3. 7 Macquarie St NSW
  4. Malvern Central Shopping Centre VIC
  5. Dapto Mall NSW
  1. Adelaide Airport Ltd
  2. Transurban Group
  3. Brisbane Airport Ltd
  4. AquaSure (Victoria's Desalination Plant)
  5. Airport Motorway (Eastern Distributor)
  6. Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Centre

These holdings are based on data at 31 October 2016. Holdings change from time to time. The above holdings are the outcome of various strategies applied by UniSuper and by a range of investment managers taking into account a variety of considerations, many of which are specific to UniSuper and superannuation funds in general. The above lists are published for informational purposes only and are not a recommendation or endorsement of any of the companies listed, for inclusion in your personal portfolio. Before selecting companies to invest in personally, you should seek advice that takes into account your personal circumstances and investment objectives.

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