You have investment choice
You can change how your existing balance, future super contributions or rollovers are invested by switching your investments.

When to switch

You may want to switch your investments when circumstances or your investment timeframe change. Before you do switch, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.
There are risks and other implications associated with switching your investments. These are explained in your product disclosure statement.

Rebalancing your portfolio

Depending on how your investments perform or how your pension payments are withdrawn, you may need to check and adjust your investments from time to time.

Reviewing and switching your investments can help ensure:

  • the percentage invested in each of your options matches your investment strategy
  • your account is diversified so that any poorly performing investments may be offset by better-performing investments.

What you can change

How your existing balance is invested

You can switch any of your investments in your Accumulation 1, Accumulation 2 or Personal Account, or your Flexi Pension.

If you're in the Defined Benefit Division (DBD), you can change your investments for the accumulation component of your super.

How your future contributions and rollovers are invested

You need to tell us if you want to change how your future contributions and rollovers are invested. Investment switches made to your existing account balance don’t automatically apply to future contributions and rollovers.

What are future contributions and rollovers?

Future contributions are payments made into your super account balance in the future. For example, payments made by your employer or payments you make yourself.

Rollovers are when you move money from another super fund into your UniSuper account. If you don’t choose a rollover strategy, all rollovers to your account will be invested in line with your future contributions strategy.

Transferring from one UniSuper product to another?

If you haven’t chosen a new future contributions strategy, any contributions received on or after the transfer date will be invested as per your previous future contributions strategy.

Investment switching costs

Your existing account balance

Your first switch in each financial year is free for each account.

Extra switches cost $9.85 each.

Your future contribution and rollovers

There’s no cost to change how you’d like your future contributions and rollovers invested.

How switches are processed

The date your switch becomes effective depends on when we receive your request and how you submit it.

Switching online is the quickest option. We consider your switch 'received' as soon as it's submitted.

Another option is to complete the paper form and submit it by post, email or via a financial adviser. We consider your switch 'received' once it’s been entered into our administration system, not when it’s been emailed or delivered to us by post.

When your switch becomes effective

Changes to your existing balance

  • Requests received before 2.00pm on a Melbourne business day take effect from close of business* on the next Melbourne business day.
  • Requests received after 2.00pm on a Melbourne business day take effect from close of business* two Melbourne business days later.

Your account will continue to earn investment returns in your existing option until your switch takes effect.

*We’re defining ‘close of business’ as the close of regular trading hours for global security exchanges for that trading day (e.g. 4.00pm Sydney time for equities traded on the Australian Securities Exchange, and 4.00pm New York time for equities traded on the New York Stock Exchange).

  • See examples of how we process switches
    Switch submitted before 2pm

    Raj submits his switch from the High Growth option into the Balanced option at 11.30am (Melbourne time) on Monday. His account will continue to earn returns from the High Growth option (positive or negative) until close of business* Tuesday.

    From close of business* Tuesday onwards, the investment returns applied to Raj’s account will reflect the earnings of the Balanced option.

    Switch submitted after 2pm

    Ling submits her switch from the Conservative option into the Growth option at 4.00pm (Melbourne time) on Monday.

    Her account will continue to earn returns from the Conservative option (positive or negative) until close of business* Wednesday.

    From close of business* on Wednesday, the investment returns applied to Ling’s account will reflect the earnings of the Growth option.

Changes to future contributions and rollover strategies
  • Changes are effective as soon as we’ve received your request.

Changed your mind?

If you’ve submitted an investment switch request but want to change it, you may be able to replace it with a new request.

Existing balance

  • If you've submitted a switch online before 2.00pm on a Melbourne working day, you can replace it with a new online switch before 2.00pm that same day and the first one you made won't get processed.
  • If you've switched investments online and the 2.00pm cut-off has passed, you can’t modify this request. Instead, you'll need to submit a new switch request.

Future contributions and rollover strategies

You can change these at any time.

Changes made using the paper form

If you want to replace a switch you first made using a paper investment choice form, you can make a new switch through your online account. The same timing restrictions apply.

If you have any questions about investment switching, please call 1800 331 685 or contact us.
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