A graph shows our Balanced (MySuper) option returned between 0.68% and 15.7% each year over the ten years ended 30 June 2020, with an average yearly return of 8.49%. A comparison between the moving average of returns and the moving average of return targets shows returns have generally outperformed return targets save for the financial years ended June 2018, 2019 and 2020.

About the comparison-of-returns graph

Return targets are a relatively new requirement, meaning we did not calculate a return target prior to November 2013. For 2013/14, the return target was CPI + 4.8% and the graph assumes the same CPI+ 4.8% return target applied in earlier years. Fluctuations in the return target reflect past fluctuations in CPI. The return target since 30 June 2018  is CPI + 4.6%.


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