These holdings are based on data at {{effectiveDate}}. It represents the best estimates of our actual holdings at a specific point in time.

While we aim to be as transparent as possible, rounding, information gaps and timing differences mean sometimes our holdings data is not as precise as we would like. Holdings data does change from time to time and may be incomplete. The reasons why holdings data may be incomplete or may change from time to time are many and varied but may include delays in the receipt of holding data from Managers or third-party custodians or vendors, mergers and acquisitions of individual companies and mergers and acquisitions of superannuation funds.

The holdings are the outcome of various strategies applied by UniSuper and by a range of investment managers taking into account a variety of considerations, many of which are specific to UniSuper and superannuation funds in general. The below lists are published for informational purposes only and are not a recommendation or endorsement of any of the companies listed, for inclusion in your personal portfolio. Before selecting companies to invest in personally, you should seek advice that takes into account your personal circumstances and investment objectives.

Use the table below to view the holdings of each of our options as at {{effectiveDate}}. The dollar value and weight are the total exposure of this option to the specific security or issuer.

We have updated the names to some of our investment options.1,2

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Switching your investment options with UniSuper is easier than you think. Read about investment switching or speak to a super consultant about your options today.

More detail

Hungry for even more data? If you love a good spreadsheet, you can download the latest version of our holdings, in full, here.

This file differs to the above table in a few ways: it complies with the requirements of our regulator; it is updated every six months (so may not align with the above table); and it lists each of our options in turn (you may have to search for the option you want).
  • Things you need to know

    1 The name of the Australian Income investment option changed from 28 September 2023. Prior to this date, the name of this investment option was Diversified Credit Income.

    2 The name of the Australian Dividend Income investment option changed from 28 September 2023. Prior to this date, the name of this investment option was Australian Equity Income.

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