Meet our investment team

We work hard to look after your money—after all, you’ve worked hard to earn it. As a team, we aim to deliver you positive long-term outcomes and to help you secure your retirement income through a disciplined investment approach.

We’re a ‘manager of managers’

We appoint a number of external investment managers to implement specialised investment strategies across a range of asset classes. We also manage more than half of our investment strategies in-house where we have internal capabilities and where we think external managers have little comparative advantage.

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for investing and managing the retirement savings of all UniSuper members. It’s a critical role and one we take seriously by applying a disciplined approach to investing.

Selecting investment managers and securities

We’re responsible for selecting external investment managers to manage some of the Fund’s investments. We’re also responsible for selecting securities (if we manage the funds in-house) and for monitoring the Fund’s investment activities and performance.

As a team, we’re accountable for the Fund's investment performance and risk management which we regularly report to the Board and Investment Committee (a sub-committee of the UniSuper Board).

Meet the team

Headed by Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce, our in-house investment team is made up of over 35 skilled and experienced investment and finance professionals.

Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce

john-pearce2John joined UniSuper as Chief Investment Officer in July 2009. With over 25 years’ experience in financial services, John’s previous positions include Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Investments at Colonial First State (2000-2007) and Head of Global Asset Management for Ping An, China's second largest insurance company (2007-2009).

Head of Portfolio Analysis and Implementation, Dharmendra Dayabhai

dharmendra-dayabhai2Dharmendra joined UniSuper in August 2002 and has over 23 years’ experience in financial services. His previous positions include Head of Investment Performance at National Australia Bank, Manager Investment Products at AXA Asset Management, as well as other senior management roles with Colonial Investment Management (NZ) and the actuarial division of Tower Corporation.

Head of Equities, Simon Hudson

simon-hudson2Simon joined UniSuper in March 2010 and is responsible for the Fund’s international and domestic equity strategies which include internally and externally managed portfolios. He has over 22 years’ experience in equities and financial markets. Before joining UniSuper, Simon was Head of Australian Equities at Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC). His previous positions also include Senior Portfolio Manager, Australian Equities at Colonial First State and Equity Analyst at Ord Minnett Securities (now JPMorgan).

Head of Property and Infrastructure, Kent Robbins

kent-robbins2Kent joined UniSuper in 2009 and is responsible for the Fund’s property and infrastructure investments in both the direct and listed markets. He has over 25 years’ experience in financial markets predominately within the investments sector of the superannuation industry. Before joining UniSuper, Kent was Head of Property at Telstra Super. His previous positions focused on providing implemented consultancy on property investments to some of Australia’s leading super funds.

General Counsel, Legal & Governance, Luke Barrett

luke-barrett2Luke joined UniSuper in 2008 and is responsible for leading UniSuper’s legal team across all areas of its business, ensuring that UniSuper’s legal position is well protected for the benefit of our members. Luke has around 20 years' experience in the financial services industry, working with the trustees and directors of some of Australia's leading superannuation funds and investment managers on major legal, risk and governance projects, including dispute resolution and litigation.

Head of Fixed Interest and Cash, Nick Footner

nick-footner2Nick joined UniSuper in November 2009 and became Head of Fixed Interest and Cash in July 2012. He is responsible for the Fund’s international and domestic fixed interest strategies - which includes both internally and externally managed portfolios. Prior to joining UniSuper, Nick worked for Victorian Funds Management Corporation and Australia’s sovereign debt manager, the Australian Office of Financial Management. 

Head of Global Strategies and Quant Methods, Rob Hogg

Rob HoggRob joined UniSuper in March 2016 and is responsible for the Fund’s international equity strategies which include internally and externally managed portfolios. He has over 25 years’ experience in financial markets in a range of asset classes. Before joining UniSuper, Rob was Head of Capital Markets and Asset Allocation at Frontier Advisors (an asset consultant). His previous positions include Equity Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Colonial First State, and Head of Global Fixed Interest in Commonwealth Bank’s funds management division (now Colonial First State).