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Super Informed Radio episode #5: What's the deal with accessing your super early?

It’s the question on many people’s lips in recent weeks and one that can divide dinner parties—and even governments—in half. Tune in to our latest podcast as we explore this topic in more detail.

Super Informed Radio episode #4: Being bold for International Women's Day

Has there ever been in a time in your working or personal life where you've had to make a bold move? How did it feel? In this podcast, we ponder these questions and more with UniSuper board member Nicolette Rubinsztein for International Women's Day (IWD). We also hear the personal and career reflections of a number of female UniSuper members on this year’s IWD theme: ‘be bold for change’.

Super Informed Radio episode #3: Decisions, decisions

Can science help explain how we make financial decisions? UniSuper member and decision science researcher from the University of Melbourne Prof. Peter Bossaerts thinks so, and backs it up in this month's episode of 'Super Informed Radio'. We also chat to Trevor Schmid from UniSuper Advice on our 'Select advice' service, and how it'll soon be expanding into non-super wealth territory.

Super Informed Radio episode #2: Retirement expectations vs. reality

So you might have an idea of what retirement will look like in your head, but for many people what actually happens after retiring is totally different. This month we chat to UniSuper Assistant Product Manager Julia Maciver on why this might be happening and what people can do to help make sure their retirement expectations become the reality. We also take it to the streets and see what people really think about their super.

Super Informed Radio episode #1: The pilot

In our debut podcast, we talk to our CEO Kevin O'Sullivan about his passion for super, a day in his life, and how he got to Australia from the far distant lands of Canada. We also chat to Angela Riga from our contact centre on some of the topics members are calling us about and a few new online tools we've launched recently to help you understand your super.