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Super and modern slavery

Super Informed Radio episode #25

Could the money you’re putting aside for retirement be exposed to modern slavery? And what are we doing to reduce the risk that companies we invest in are involved in it?

We speak with Lou Capparelli and Sybil Dixon from our in-house investments team to find out.

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We’re Super Fund of the Year! (Which means what, exactly?)

Super Informed Radio episode #24

We were recently crowned Super Fund of the Year by ratings agency Chant West. But who exactly is Chant West, and what does it actually mean to take out the top award?

We went straight to the source to find out how funds are reviewed and compared, the criteria involved, how UniSuper stacks up against other funds and what resources you can use to compare for yourself.

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2019 Federal Election recap

Super Informed Radio episode #23

The result of the 2019 Federal Election surprised many, defying opinion polls and media commentary and returning the Morrison Government to power.

We jumped behind the mic with UniSuper’s Public Policy Manager, Benedict Davies, to sift through the coals of the election and ask ‘what now, for super?’

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2019 Federal Budget recap

Super Informed Radio episode #22

The 2019 Federal Budget focused on tax cuts and other spending announcements, possibly paving the way for an election.

UniSuper’s Public Policy Manager, Benedict Davies, takes us through the tax cuts and some changes to super, and helps us understand the context of a budget delivered right before an election.

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‘Til 5pm us do part – why friendships at work matter

Super Informed Radio episode #21

This International Women’s Day, we’re joined by Julie Watkins, UniSuper’s Executive Manager of People. We chat about ‘work spouses’ and how they can make our work lives more meaningful, Julie shares some of her top career tips, and we ask the question—what’s UniSuper’s position on gender quotas?

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‘Buy now, pay later’—a good deal or a money trap?

Super Informed Radio episode #20

Australians are using digital buy now, pay later services more than ever. But with no way of checking consumers can actually afford their purchases, is “lay-by 2.0” a good thing? Join us as we unpack these schemes’ perks and pitfalls with UniSuper Private Client Adviser, Charles Azzopardi.

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When your ‘rainy day’ actually hits

Super Informed Radio episode #19

Don’t think you need insurance? We tell the story of a member who wasn’t aware she had it—and then life dealt her an unexpected blow.

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What’s your biggest money fear?

Super Informed Radio episode #18

Are you afraid of dealing with money? If so, you’re not alone. This month, we unpack some common money fears and learn some tips and tricks to vanquish them with UniSuper Private Client Adviser Robert Cahill.

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Governance is the (not so) new black

Super Informed Radio episode #17

We look at the ‘G’ in ESG—otherwise known as governance—and how we factor it in when making investment decisions here at UniSuper. Two of our investments specialists—Talieh Williams and Sybil Dixon—take us through the rigorous screening process they do to ensure that the companies we invest in are advancing good governance practices.

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Would you trust your colleagues with your super?

Super Informed Radio episode #16

Where would you go for information around how to invest your super? Well, according to some research we came across, it’s the people you work with that heavily influence your superannuation investment decisions.

To unpack this in more detail, we chat to Dr Carly Moulang from Monash University and Prof. Paul Gerrans from the University of Western Australia.

Recorded on Wednesday 20 June 2018
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The 2018 Federal Budget in a nutshell

Super Informed Radio episode #15

In what’s widely tipped to be the last budget until the next election, Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has announced a number of proposed changes to super.

With measures to protect low account balances and lost super (including making insurance within super ‘opt-in’ for some people), lower and flatten taxes over time, and a raft of policies focusing on an ageing population, we break down some of the announcements with our resident policy guru, Benedict Davies.

Recorded on Wednesday 9 May 2018
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Read our full analysis of the budget

Finance gets the ‘Uber effect’

Super Informed Radio episode #14

A new wave of finance disruptors are changing the way we spend, save and grow our money. To find out how services like Carrott, Acorns, SocietyOne and Ripple work and the risks of using them, we spoke to Dan Nguyen, UniSuper’s Head of Digital Strategy, and Marlene Sadhai, UniSuper’s Financial Crime Response Manager.

Recorded on Wednesday 11 April 2018
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Find out more about protecting your UniSuper account

We’re not promoting or endorsing any of the apps or companies mentioned in this podcast—they’re simply a few examples of what’s happening in this space.

Have a question or topic you'd like us to explore in future episodes? Write to us at superinformed@unisuper.com.au. You can also join the conversation on Twitter @UniSuperNews or give us a call on 1800 331 685.

Our 2018 International Women’s Day edition

Super Informed Radio episode #13

For International Women’s Day, Marta spoke to two of our executives, Anna Leibel and Lee Scales, on what this year’s topic of #pressforprogress means to them, the advancement of women in STEM, their own career experiences, and thoughts on what it’s like to be a woman in the modern workplace.

Recorded on Monday 5 March 2018
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Would you rather talk about your weight or your money?

Super Informed Radio episode #12

According to US research by the app Acorns, 68% of people would rather talk about their weight than their money. Why is that? And what can we do about it? We spoke with Claire Tacon, a financial counsellor with the National Debt Helpline, on the changes to societal attitudes about money and what makes people talk—or keep quiet—about it.

Recorded on Monday 12 February 2018
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Why sustainable investing makes good financial sense

Super Informed Radio episode #11

Why is responsible investing important? And what’s this thing called ‘environmental, social and governance’ (ESG)? This month, we speak with Talieh Williams and Sybil Dixon from our in-house investments team—doing a deep dive into the world of sustainability and investments, and learning how a super fund can also be a good corporate citizen.

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So, can I use my super to buy my first home now?

Bonus episode

Well, kind of. Legislation for the government's first home and downsizer superannuation proposals were passed into law this week.

As soon as we heard the news, we jumped into the studio to ask UniSuper's Industry Policy Manager Benedict Davies—otherwise known as our resident political guru—to take us through the changes in more detail.

The finer points of how the two schemes work will become clearer in the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye out on our website for more info.

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The ‘great’ budgeting gender divide

Super Informed Radio episode #10

Marta was riled recently by research suggesting young women are confident with short-term budgeting, but struggle with longer-term finances. So we called two UniSuper members who conducted the research—Professor James Arvanitakis and research assistant Lauren Stanley from the University of Western Sydney—to dig deeper into their findings.

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We need to talk about elder abuse

Super Informed Radio episode #9

Elder abuse. It mightn’t be the easiest of topics, but we’re starting to hear more about it. To help us understand what it is, why it occurs and some tips to safeguard yourself against it, this month we speak to Briony Dow—Associate Professor of Ageing at the University of Melbourne and Director of the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI).

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Spending challenge accepted

Super Informed Radio episode #8

Things get real when we see how Marta and James went with their spending and saving challenge—who became more mindful about money? We also talk retirement adequacy—aka, how much you think you’ll need in retirement—and give you some things to consider when planning for the financial future you want.

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The psychology of spending vs. saving

Super Informed Radio episode #7

Do you consider yourself a spender or a saver? Ever felt guilty after walking out of a shop, or is retail therapy even a ‘thing’ for you? This month, we speak to Dr Shumi Akhtar from the University of Sydney on why it’s okay to indulge in some spending every now and then. We also answer some of your questions about recent changes to super and proposals in the May 2017 Budget. And finally, in the spirit of the new financial year, we’re setting ourselves a challenge.

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Can financial stress impact how we budget?

Super Informed Radio episode #6

This month we talk to UniSuper member Gregory Mowle from the University on Canberra on how financial stress impacts how we budget and the role of financial literacy plays in decision making.

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What's the deal with accessing your super early?

Super Informed Radio episode #5

It’s the question on many people’s lips in recent weeks and one that can divide dinner parties—and even governments—in half. Tune in to our latest podcast as we explore this topic in more detail.

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Being bold for International Women's Day

Super Informed Radio episode #4

Has there ever been in a time in your working or personal life where you've had to make a bold move? How did it feel? In this podcast, we ponder these questions and more with UniSuper board member Nicolette Rubinsztein for International Women's Day (IWD). We also hear the personal and career reflections of a number of female UniSuper members on this year’s IWD theme: ‘be bold for change’.

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Decisions, decisions

Super Informed Radio episode #3

Can science help explain how we make financial decisions? UniSuper member and decision science researcher from the University of Melbourne Prof. Peter Bossaerts thinks so, and backs it up in this month's episode of 'Super Informed Radio'. We also chat to Trevor Schmid from UniSuper Advice on our 'Select advice' service, and how it'll soon be expanding into non-super wealth territory.

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Retirement expectations vs. reality

Super Informed Radio episode #2

So you might have an idea of what retirement will look like in your head, but for many people what actually happens after retiring is totally different. This month we chat to UniSuper Assistant Product Manager Julia Maciver on why this might be happening and what people can do to help make sure their retirement expectations become the reality. We also take it to the streets and see what people really think about their super.

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The pilot

Super Informed Radio episode #1

In our debut podcast, we talk to our CEO Kevin O'Sullivan about his passion for super, a day in his life, and how he got to Australia from the far distant lands of Canada. We also chat to Angela Riga from our contact centre on some of the topics members are calling us about and a few new online tools we've launched recently to help you understand your super.

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