How fees work

Fees can play an important role when choosing a super fund. After all, you want more money to stay in your super than come out. See how our fees compare to other leading industry super funds.

What fees does UniSuper charge?

All super funds charge members fees and costs.

As a UniSuper member you benefit from the savings we achieve as one of Australia’s largest super funds – savings we pass on to you through competitive fees.


  • Don’t charge you a fee to establish your account
  • Don’t pay advisers commissions
  • Don’t pay shareholders dividends 

Types of fees

The types of fees and costs associated with your UniSuper account include:

  • the indirect cost ratio, to manage your investments, and
  • an administration fee, to service your account.

The fees and costs that apply will depend on the UniSuper product you have. For a detailed list of our fees and costs, download the product disclosure statement relevant to your membership.

As a UniSuper member, you may also have to pay insurance premiums if you have insurance cover through your UniSuper account.

How do UniSuper’s fees compare?

Fees can have a big impact on your super. Even a small difference in fees over time can have an effect on your final balance. See how we stack up.