See the difference interest can make

Even a little can go a long way

If you start early, a little money now can grow to a lot of money for you when you retire. The key?


Take a look why:

Compound interest

Compounding is the ‘snowball’ effect of investment returns earned on your investment returns.

It happens when you reinvest investment returns (as you must do with superannuation) rather than withdrawing and spending them. If you do this, compounding can result in your savings accumulating faster.

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Time can equal more money

Meet Sue and Ewan. Both UniSuper members. Both 60 years old. Both have been regularly topping up their super with extra contributions.

Sue has been investing $2,000 each year (less than $40 a week). Ewan $5,000 each year.

Even though Sue has invested less money in total than Ewan, she is more than $125,000 richer.


Sue had more time.

Sue's 15-year head start means that her money has had more time to benefit from compound interest.

   Sue  Ewan
 Starts investing at age  25  40
 Invests until age  60  60
 Investment timeframe  35 years  20 years
 Investment per year  $2,000 p.a.  $5,000 p.a.
 Total amount invested  $72,000  $105,000
 Investment value at age 60  $372,204  $247,115

Compounding-interestData assumes an investment return of 8% p.a. No allowance has been made for taxation or investment fees and charges. Lower investment returns and/or periods of market volatility, and the factoring in of taxation or investment fees and charges would affect the analysis and could change the comparison.

This example is for illustrative purposes only and does not relate to any of UniSuper’s investment options. 

Figures are in today’s dollars and have not been adjusted to reflect the likely impact of future inflation.