Investment choice

You can choose how to invest any super you have in an accumulation account from our range of investment options.

You can select options that offer a diversified blend of investments. Or you can invest in a mix of single asset classes, where each option has different risk and return features and different suggested investment time frames.

To make it easier for you to compare and choose investment options, we’ve grouped them as ‘Pre-Mixed’ and ‘Sector’.

Pre-mixed options Sector options

If you're looking for a low maintenance investment and prefer to have investments chosen and managed on your behalf, our Pre-mixed options are designed to offer a diversified blend of investments to suit varying levels of comfort with investment risk, personal super and retirement savings goals.

Our Sector investment options are less diversified (mainly single asset class options) and are not intended to be used in isolation, but rather combined with other investment options to build a diversified portfolio.

Balanced Australian Bond
Conservative Australian Equity Income
Conservative Balanced Australian Shares
Growth Cash
High Growth Global Companies in Asia
Sustainable Balanced Global Environmental Opportunities
Sustainable High Growth
International Shares
Listed Property
Diversified Credit Income

With so much choice it can be hard to know which options to choose. You need to be aware that if you create your own investment mix, you’re responsible for monitoring the allocation to each of your chosen options because the allocations will change in line with the performance of each of those options and how you invest future contributions.

A qualified financial adviser can help you with your investment choice. You can learn more about choosing investment options below.

How do I know which options to choose?

With so much to think about when choosing investment options (if this applies to you) it can be hard to know where to start. And because your decision can impact your super balance it’s important you get it right. To help you, here are a few things to consider:

  • Your risk profile: what type of investor are you? How much investment risk are you comfortable with?
  • Your investment time frame: how long will your super be invested: are you just starting out or are you nearing retirement?
  • Your financial goals: what do you hope to achieve financially?

If you need help choosing investment options, you might want to talk to a qualified financial adviser.

Did you know you can change investment options? Just because you’ve chosen a particular option now, it doesn’t mean you have to keep your super invested in it until you retire. You can learn more about investment switching below.

What is investment switching?

When you switch investment options, you’re changing the option(s) your super’s invested in. While it lets you respond to changes in your financial circumstances, it’s important to think about why you’re switching to ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons and not just to chase higher short-term investment returns.

If you need help with your switching strategy or choosing investment options, you might want to talk to a qualified financial adviser.

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