Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer


December 2019

CIO John Pearce discusses the recent record-breaking performance of the Australian share market, the stellar returns of our sustainable investment options, and some of the risks on the horizon.

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    October 2019

    Investment markets are continuing to reward the risk takers. Join CIO John Pearce and Senior Analyst Victoria Place as they take a look at the big moves, with a particular focus on our Listed Property investment option.

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    August 2019

    As the US-China tariff war heats up, global bond markets are signalling recession. Join CIO John Pearce and Senior Analyst Victoria Place as they discuss the implications for Australia.

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    June 2019

    Share markets have been performing strongly in the wake of the Federal Election. But with a recent interest rate cut and an economic cold war brewing between the US and China, are there ominous signs on the horizon for the Australian economy?

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  • UniSuper's John Pearce and Victoria Place

    April 2019

    What’s been behind the flying start to 2019 in bonds and shares?

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    February 2019

    Why has the share market been on such a wild rollercoaster? Join UniSuper Investment Analyst Victoria Place and CIO John Pearce to find out—and to hear about our expansion plans for Perth’s premier shopping centre, Karrinyup.

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    November 2018

    It’ll come as no surprise that October was a pretty bad month for global share markets.
    But what actually happened? And how has it affected returns and the way we invest?

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  • John Pearce and Victoria Place

    August 2018

    Despite trade wars and political upheaval, Australia’s share market is trading at a 10-year high. Find out why in our latest video with CIO John Pearce.

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  • five-questions-cio-june-2018

    June 2018

    John Pearce discusses our place in the investment and economic cycle, and the implications. He also touches on ‘index investing’ and how UniSuper employs index strategies within an active framework.

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  • UniSuper CIO, John Pearce and UniSuper financial adviser, Jade Khao

    April 2018

    John Pearce reflects on fears of a looming trade war, Facebook-related market jitters, and whether there might be some positive investment news on the horizon.

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    February 2018

    John Pearce reflects on the recent investment market volatility. He also shares his latest views on Bitcoin, along with the cautionary tale of a friend’s personal Bitcoin experience.

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  • five-questions-for-the-cio-landing-nov-2017

    November 2017

    This month we discuss Australia’s debt bubble, our Global Companies in Asia investment option, and reveal how we voted on the remuneration report of a leading Australian bank—and why.

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  • five-questions-landing-page-video-sep-17

    September 2017

    Our CIO John Pearce has strong views of the Bitcoin buzz. Hear his views, together with comments on Australia’s lagging stock market, in this month’s Five questions for the CIO video.

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  • five-questions-cio-video-thumb-july-17

    July 2017

    John Pearce reflects on UniSuper’s best and worst performing investment options over the last financial year. He also takes a look at whether or not Australian banks really are ‘the big end of town’.

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    May 2017

    Join CIO John Pearce as he shares his thoughts on some of our major investment holdings—Telstra, DUET and Sydney Airport—the arrival of Amazon in Australia, and the overall performance of the Australian stock market.

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  • 5-questions-video-landing-page-March-2017

    March 2017

    In this update, John Pearce explains why he’s still concerned about property prices, takes us through the basics of bonds and ‘indexing’, and shares his thoughts on whether the market’s in bubble territory—and likely to pop any time soon.

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  • John Pearce and Angelina Wu

    January 2017

    John Pearce reflects on the market rebound following Trump’s election, and the apparent move into a cyclical upswing in the business cycle. He also explains why we’ve seen some volatility in the recent returns of investment options with exposure to infrastructure and property.

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  • Five-questions-US-election-video-landing-page

    Five questions on the US election result

    Join UniSuper CIO John Pearce as he shares his insights on the US election result and how it may impact investments—and your super.

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  • UniSuper Five questions for the CIO video - October 2016

    October 2016

    Join John Pearce as he shares his insights into Listed Property’s recent dip, thoughts on how Australia’s apartment oversupply might unfold, and an update on some market bright spots pushing overall gains.

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  • cio-update-aug2016-560X315

    August 2016

    Join CIO John Pearce for a look at the post-Brexit economy, pros and cons of the latest interest rate cuts, and a glance at the year that was—and the year to come.

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    Five questions on Brexit

    John Pearce responds to the EU referendum, discussing what Brexit could mean for our investments and your super.

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  • Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - June 2016

    June 2016

    In this short video, John Pearce provides his insights on the year’s returns to date, touching on the relationship between elections, politics and the markets.

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  • VideoScreen-Investment-Market-Update-April-2016

    April 2016

    Watch this short video with CIO John Pearce to learn what's unfolding with bank shares, whether you should be worried, and why India could be the next big thing in Asia's economy.

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    March 2016

    UniSuper's Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce, answers five questions about the turbulence in investment markets in early 2016.

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